Biden Stops Abruptly Mid-Speech To “Go To Situation Room”

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Joe Biden

President Biden interrupted a speech he was delivering on Monday to tell his audience, “I have to go to the situation room. There’s an issue I need to deal with.”

Was there a national security emergency ?

MSN reports: The president exited the stage at the event on the economy at the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House complex, amid reports that Hamas had released two further hostages.

The precise reason for the Mr Biden’s departure was not made clear, but it comes amid reports of an increase of attacks against US forces in Syria and Iraq by Iran-backed militias in both countries.

Tensions continue to rise across the Middle East caused by Israel’s bombardment and looming ground invasion of Gaza.

“I apologise, I have to go to the Situation Room for another issue I have to deal with,” Mr Biden said.

As he walked away from the lectern, a reporter asked Biden: “Is the U.S. supporting the hostages for a ceasefire deal?”

Biden turned around and said: “We should have a ceasefire. Not a ceasefire. We should have those hostages released and then we can talk.”

As InfoWars noted: There has been no update regarding the issue that dragged Biden away from the podium, and with the Middle East crisis spiraling out of control and the threat of WWIII at humanity’s doorstep the meeting may be very serious.

Perhaps, the “situation room” is a code for when the senile puppet is on the verge of crapping his pants and needs to be hastily taken to a lavatory by the Secret Service.

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