Israel Supplied Saudi Arabia With Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Fact checked
Israel supplied weapons of mass destruction to Saudi Arabia

Israel has been secretly supplying Saudi Arabia with weapons of mass destruction and other internationally prohibited weapons. 

According to the famous Saudi scribe Mujtahid, the Israeli occupation army supplied the Saudi regime with an arsenal of banned bombs and missiles. reports: Majtahid confirmed in a report in the Gulf Online newspaper that Israel is supplying Tel Aviv with internationally banned bombs and missiles for the purpose of testing it in the Yemen war.

He said, “hard-working”: “hard-working sources confirm what is stated in this article.”

The Gulf Online report gave its information to sources close to the US Congressional Intelligence Committee.

The accusations against Saudi Arabia of using internationally banned weapons are not new, especially talk of the use of cluster bombs by Riyadh in bombing the Houthi areas of Yemen, leaving civilian casualties.


  1. and on and on it goes. They with impunity from their moral supremacy, and they scapegoated ,Always the same

  2. “that Israel is supplying Tel Aviv” – I guess you ment Riyadh, since you know Tel Aviv is in Israel.

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