California Set To Vote On Independence From US In 2020

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California could secede from the United States and become an independent country in less than three years, according to constitutional law experts.

California could secede from the United States and become an independent country in less than three years, according to constitutional law experts who argue that the state has already made itself “unrecognizable” as a part of the United States of America, and as such “secession makes perfect sense.”

Sometimes married couples grow apart and divorce makes sense after a few years,” said Calvin Pickles, a constitutional law expert with ties to the Yes California group advocating for Californian independence. “It’s called having irreconcilable differences. That’s the situation right now with California and the rest of the country. You could also compare it to a band with creative differences.”

Advocates who want California to secede from the rest of the United States were given the green light Monday to begin collecting signatures for their initiative, the first official step in a process that could take as little as three years to see the Golden State secede from the Union.

California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced the ballot proposal had been cleared.

The latest measure would ask voters in 2020 to decide whether to open up a secession discussion. If passed, a second election would be held a year later asking voters to affirm the decision and become an independent country.

Advocates have until mid-October to gather 365,880 signatures of registered voters to get it on the ballot.

Marcus Ruiz Evans and Louis J. Marinelli, co-founders of the group Yes California, said the second vote would show that Californians are serious about secession and would strengthen the case for foreign governments to recognize the state’s independence.

“We realize it may seem like a long time to wait,” Marinelli told The Times of San Diego. “But we need time to have a serious dialogue with the people of California about why they should support the independence referendum by voting yes. The voters need to make an informed decision when they go to the polls to determine California’s political future.”

Evans told CNBC that while his group is progressive, they do embrace some conservative ideals.

“Calexit is left — we are progressive, and that’s why we don’t like Trump,” Evans said. “But there are some very hardcore Republican concepts to Calexit, including the group saying don’t waste our tax money.”

Fox News reports: Evans says his group’s membership has grown four times its size since President Trump took office. There are about 44,000 current members.

There have been multiple efforts in the past for California to break away from the rest of America. They have either been withdrawn or failed to gather the signatures required to advance.

As the Yes California group gears up, another initiative to break up California into three separate states is also taking shape. That plan, backed by Silicon Valley billionaire Tim Draper, would create a northern California state with San Francisco at its core, another state near Los Angeles and a third that covers the Central Valley as well as San Diego.

And if that were not enough, there’s yet another proposal in play known as “New California” that would cut out rural counties and make them into individual states.

The founders of New California describe the rest of California as “ungovernable.”

“The current state of California has become governed by a tyranny,” the group declared in an online statement.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. I’ve lived in Calif all my life, was born here in 1954. I support Trump, as do MANY here but the govt does NOT represent us rightnow and hasn’t for a long time A Univ of Berkeley poll done over a year ago said 74% of Californians DID NOT WANT ILLEGALS HERE AND DID NOT WANT SANCTUARY CITIES. We dont want to leave the U.S, only our crooked Calif govt does.
    THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA DO NOT WANT TO SECEDE, WE ARE AMERICANS! It would leave us defenseless from foreign attack, just for one reason. The problem with Calif is our govt, not the people. There are many Trump supporters here and the rest have SERIOUS doubts about the Dem party after we saw all their cheating in 2016. 11 counties here in Calif had MORE VOTES THAN VOTERS.

    • The UK and France are not defenseless since they are close allies of the US. If California did secede it is likely that the US would continue to protect California as it does other countries who respect our culture and freedoms–though not agreeing on many other things.

      • Hell California doesn’t even respect their own people. Look how many are homeless and living any where they can find shelter. Mostly on the streets.

      • The cure for Cali’s ills is to get rid of Dems – which is how most of us feel. Over a year ago, a poll by Univ. of Berkeley was taken and 74% of Californians DID NOT WANT ILLEGALS HERE. It’s even higher now, probably at about 85%.
        I am 63 y.o. and have ALWAYS been an American, I dont want to quit now! I love Pres. Trump.

      • OK but why would any of them protect California? I cant think of any reason but maybe you can? They will want something in return.

    • The you people in California need to pull together and start from scratch again, because it’s only going to get worse there…How does that moon bat Brown get elected 4 times?????

  2. isn’t the District of Columbus already independent ?And isn’t Virgina a royal colony, and maybe Maryland too?

    • ???? NO they are all part of the U.S. What, in your mind, did they secede from?
      What school you went????

  3. First of all i have many Hispanic friends who agree with me that ILLEGAL Aliens should not be treated like some kind of heros!!!! If ANYONE is in another foreign country ILLEGALLY then they are Violating the LAW!!! Why should we feed them!!! Why should we give them Free health care!!, or give them free food when they didnt pay into the system like we did@!!!!!!! For those of you who live in California ask yourselfs th is question, ( what is the penalty for Illegally entering Mexico?) . The answer is 6 months of hard labor!!! 1st offense!!!!!!!!, why are we hypocrites on the subject, allowing violators of the law too come here with OPEN arms, when OUR own children are going hungry!!!, ask yourselves that question!! I used too work in a Hospital and saw a little girl sitting in the waiting room as her parents were at the nurses station trying too work out a payment plan for their newborn baby. Just a few seconds later , immigrants came too the same nurses station, and were told not too worry about it , the U.S. Government already paid for the birth of their baby!!!!! WTF is wrong with this country when we PAY too take care of people who arent here LEGALLY! Too the rest of us Americans we see Californians as a bunch of lovers of violating the law kind of people!!! You want too demand equality for Illegals , even though they didnt do a da mn thing too earn it, then take away from Citizens of the USA who have paid into the system!! TELL YOU WHAT ILL DO, GET THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT TOO GIVE US THE SAME TREATMENT DOWN THEIR AS WE DO THEM HERE AND ILL ST FU, , in the meantime i dare, I DARE anyone of you californians too cross the border into mexico and SEE WHAT HAPPENS! oh yeah btw if you want too leave the Union please do, cause we dont need too go bankrupt feeding violators of our law , let you guys feed them, please leave!!!!

    • How would you feel if your state decided to secede from U.S. and you would not be American any more?? well, thats how we feel, too, and most here are conservative, it’s only along the coast. Our elections are rigged and very criminal the people are being held hostage by criminal Dems in govt.

  4. It would be fantastic if Mexifornia secede. Even better would be if conservative California secede from Mexifornia and then stay in the USA.

  5. amewhorica should be glad to see it go.. and right after it happens… blow the homosexual shithole up…..

  6. Hell why wait 3 years!? Do it tommorow! Hurry the hell up and get those signatures. I had to laugh about the part where they talk about oh, but we have some conservative values, it’s like what?? So right their they are admitting that conservatism is a good thing, they talk big about being progressive and far left yet they need to have conservatism to actually survive what a joke! What a total bunch of wacko hypocrites they make no sense whatsoever. I’ve been hoping they would leave years ago! Now we can build that Wall on the southern border and just take it north up the California border all the way to Canada with no doors! In 6 months California would be broke and a third world country and once they succeeded from the union I would make a point to say once you leave you can never ever come back!

    • Apparently you have no idea bout California – most of us here are conservatives but the Dems rigged 2016 elections so much that there were at least 11 counties with MORE VOTES THAN VOTERS. That’s why Gov. Jerry Brown brought in all the illeglals, so they could vote Dem. Get it now?

      • Actually I was born and raised in California. Watched turn from a reasonable state into a Marxist insane liberal cesspool. Right now the only good thing about California is the San Andreas fault

  7. Wasn’t this tried back in 1861? Didn’t go to well as I remember. But if the Progressive Socialists want their own “nirvana”, then We The People reserve the right to remove ALL military installations from their land.

  8. Total nonsense. The Civil War ended the question as to whether states could secede from the Union. True, CA has been invaded by legal and illegal Mexicans, but they cannot form their own country.

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