Big Pharma Co. Has License Suspended As Vaccine Sterilizes 500,000 Girls

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Big Pharma company has its license revoked after being caught sterlizing 500,000 girls via vaccine

A Big Pharma company who manufactured a vaccine allowing for a state-sponsored forced sterilization of over 500,000 girls in Africa has had its licence revoked. 

According to Kenya’s opposition leader, Raila Odinga, half-a-million young girls are now infertile following a tetanus vaccine administered by the government in 2014 and 2015. reports: The controversy began coming to a head in 2016 when Agriq-Quest Ltd, a Nairobi-based pharmaceutical company got in a dispute with Kenya’s Ministry of Health over their tetanus and polio vaccinations. A group of Catholic doctors originally made the accusations claiming that the vaccines may contain a hormone that is dangerous to young women and can cause potential sterilization.

As the Agence de Presse Africaine reported:

Odinga said girls and women aged between 14 and 49 from the fastest growing populations in the country will not have children, because of a state-sponsored sterilization exercise that was sold to the country as a tetanus vaccination.

The Catholic Church was ignored when it mounted a strong but lonely campaign against the mass tetanus vaccination, after it raised concerns about the safety of the vaccine that was being used, he said.

At the time, the Catholic Church in Kenya claimed that the tetanus vaccine used by the government of Kenya and UN agencies was contaminated with a hormone (hCG) that can cause miscarriages and render some women sterile.

“The Church’s position was informed by what had happened in Mexico, Nicaragua and Philippines, where the various governments together with WHO/UNICEF had conducted similar campaigns using tetanus toxoid impregnated with beta human chorionic gonadotropin (BhCG) that causes permanent infertility among girls and women,” Odinga continued.

Odinga says they confirmed through analysis of samples that the vaccines used were tainted with the hormone.

“Today, we can confirm to the country that the Catholic Church was right. Hundreds of thousands of our girls and women, aged between 14 and 49, from the fastest growing populations in the country will not have children, because of the state-sponsored sterilization that was sold to the country as tetanus vaccination,” he declared.

After Agriq-Quest’s license was suspended, the company pointed the finger at the government. They claimed that the government’s decision to suspend their license was due to the fact that Agriq-Quest refused to doctor the tests for them.

According to Business Daily Africa, when Agriq-Quest conducted the tests on the vaccines, they found the Catholic Church’s suspicions to be correct.

As BDA reported, “The company’s results from tests carried out on the vials showed that the samples of the vaccines were contaminated as had been claimed by the Catholic Church and Agriq-Quest claimed the government wanted the results altered to show that they were fit to be administered to women and children.”

According to Odinga, as reported by APA, the government, for some mysterious reason, was hell-bent on misleading the country, while intentionally sterilizing Kenyan girls and women.

“The vaccines were a great crime committed against women. Women should choose when to have children and how to space them,” he said.

It is important to point out that the belief that tetanus vaccinations sterilizing citizens has been a long time controversy in Kenya and has been disproven prior to these claims.

Also, after the discussion came to a head, in spite of claims of tests showing contamination, UNICEF and the World Health Organization later said that the vaccines were safe and procured from a pre-qualified manufacturer.

However, according to Odinga, they accessed the analysis from four highly-regarded institutions, such as Agriq Quest Ltd, the Nairobi Hospital Laboratories, the University of Nairobi and Lancet Kenya.

“These results all indicate that the Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine had high contents of beta human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (BhCG) that causes sterility in women.”


    • or given a medal. this is a horrible morally complex issue. survival of the planet vs. “human rights”

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      • Morally complex? Tainting vaccines is undeniably a criminal and evil act. WTH do you mean morally complex?

          • THIS is the answer to survival of the planet? Thats hilarious! And its ok with you, son, as long as it isnt happening to you and yours…. or is it?

          • Survival won’t happen without reproduction and reproduction does not threaten human survival as a species anywhere on the planet.
            The planet will be fine.

          • That is a total crock. They have stated that all the people in the world could fit inside Texas. They have also said that there is 1 1/2 times more food in the world than we are using. The problem with people starving is the individual government and distribution. The plant is fine…………………..peggy

          • I’ve also heard that the population in most of the world has dropped. ……………peggy

          • Wrong, the rate of increase is slowing down because of the global depopulation program, but it may still hit ten billion if things go on at the present rate before declining.

          • Besides the fact is the US government stockpiles tons of food to control prices!

          • You liberals are something else – Yep the government is stock piling bread – milk – cheeto’s so they can control the prices.

          • Sorry, Jack. David is one of yours… Your knee-jerk insults about liberals are tired and old. At least TRY to be somewhat entertaining or a bit creative…

          • I AM NOT A LIBERAL(well only in the original meaning of the word) There is plenty of food sources in the World that no one has to starve even with 10 times the current population. Practicing genocide in Third World counties is immoral and F**King unnecessary!!!

          • I bet five bucks you’re one of those guys that would sue McDs if you poured a hot coffee on your genitals. Yet 500,000 girls have no right to any of your space on this planet.

          • No I am not, the contrary. Go on pretending to be a nice person without and understanding of reality

          • Survival of our species is of the utmost importance. The planet will survive with or without us.

          • That is NOT what this is about. This is straight up about men’s control over women, the oppression of women and girls. I you want to talk about population control via sterilization, lets talk about males. While gestation a woman can no longer conceive (basic sex ed) for 10-11 months, while the father can go on to impregnate even more women at the same time and just keep moving on. A man can continue to father children well into old age, where women have a a reproductive shelf life. Lets not forget that is MEN who perpetrate non-consensual sex (RAPE). So, if we are talking about population control via sterilization, it is the males who should be sterilized NOT women. WHAT IS SO FUCKING HARD TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT OLD MAN?!!! MIC DROP……

      • Are you stupid or something? The survival of the planet has nothing to do with the population on it (all of which could be fitted into Texas with an acre per family). It is far from overpopulated. The people who are damaging the planet are the 1% – the very people dishing out these vaccines – the multinational conglomerates for whom cash is everything and human comfort nothing. These are the people who kill off species, poison skies, air and rivers, slice the tops off mountains, fell miles of forest every day. It has nothing to do with the people whatsoever.

        • First I want to say that I think it is terrible that this was done to anyone and those in charge should be punished.

          The Texas tale a big fat lie. Texas has about 171,000,000 acres divide that by 7.6 billion people, where I went to school 7.6 billion is a lot more that 171 million.

          The problem is there isn’t enough water, and we are fishing out our oceans, have no place to put our garbage without polluting and destroying the planet and the list goes on. You have to consider that the majority of the planet is not inhabitable, between oceans, mountains and deserts, that leaves a small portion of the Earth that we can actually live on. Now you have to have room for farms, ranches, roads and buildings like stores, court houses, etc. and don’t forget you have to keep forests, rain forests and wilderness for animals and the trees to clean the air. We are losing land mass every year to global warming. This planet cannot continue to support all of the people that are already here much less any additional people.

          • That is objectively not true. You have swallowed the propaganda designed to place the blame on humanity when it belongs with the globalist corporations. Doubtless you believe that Climate Change is true as well, and isn’t just a guilt-inducing taxation scheme that has doubled the cost of energy and done wonders for the energy sector of the stock market.

        • I am not argueing anything here except your abhorant math. How do you figure approx 7bil people would fit in Texas and get 1acre per family, when the land area of Texas is 167mil acres.

          Your phone has a calculator, check it out

          • Sorry. Ten families per acre. If you want a bit more space then grab another state. The point remains – the world is not over-populated. Incidentally, the word is abhorrent.

      • You are a horrible human being. Maybe your mother should have been given the vaccine before such an a&&hole like you were conceived.

        • You have no idea who I am or how beautiful my soul is You simply have no idea of the crisis of the planet. Check out “Sixth Great Species Extinction Event”. Check out starvation in Africa and check out the projections for population growth in Africa.

        • Yes I am a horrible human being. And I gave $30 Kevin Galalae’s campaign to stop this illicit vaccination campaign. Did you do that much? Or do you just like to sit on your high horse feeling oh so good? But I still stand by what I said. It is a complex issue. We need voluntary, legal birth control.

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      • If it’s “survival of the planet” Why not sterilize millions of white women too then??? Or men for that matter ? Smdh

        • The “White Race” has already been effectively sterilized. Check out the recent findings on sperm counts in the US. They are down fifty ´percent in the last fifty years. This has been done via covert chemical and sociological means. See Kevin Galalae’s prodigious work on the covert depopulation policy that has been in place since the end of WWII. Mostly affecting male fertility, this is done principally via fluoride in the water and salt (for Latin America) and through hormone disruptors (estrogen mimickers), in the foods and environment. Consider also the sociological policies that act to destroy the family structure and that promote homosexual and androgynous lifestyles.

      • listen friend. im not here to accuse you or insult you. i here what you’re saying. that concept of over population is bogus. made up by people like bill gates. its not just him though. its everyone that goes to the bilderburg meetings. they’re the problem and they’ve been warned. that actual numbers of the world population are nothing in comparison to the whole planet. look up the numbers. theres videos everywhere. if we put every family in a home with a front yard and a back yard, with a driveway, parks, waterways and in 700 family villages; we could fit everyone in america in, into maryland with square miles left over. if we did that for the whole world, we could fit everyone in texas with 100’s of square miles left over. thats leaving the rest of the world completely untouched. its bogus completely against The Lord who commanded “be fruitful and multiple.” He did not make a mistake when He made earth. He knew how big it needed to be and thats it. never once has He ever said, “there are too many”. however this is not the first time those people said, “population control.” the pharaoh, when Israel was in Egypt, committed genocide to children because there were “too many people.” Satan is the one who blurs lines and makes things overly complex. not God. everyone reading…don’t subscribe to this over population nonsense. it’s a lie. they just want control. its from people like the rothchild family, david rockefeller and george soros. its completely, without question, satanic doctrine. its false.

        • what IS over populated (the thing they will always show you) are cities. thats it. just cities. they never pan out to show country areas and say “over populated”. its always just the cities. the other question is “what about pollution then? surely so many create too much pollution.” The Bible says “if My people would seek My Face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and HEAL THEIR LAND.” then another question is “well what about the ozone layer? its got a hole because of us.” yes thats true but not because of pollution. Revelations 16: 7-9 says “7And I heard the altar reply: “Yes, Lord God Almighty, true and righteous are Your judgments.” 8Next, the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and it was given power to scorch the people with fire. 9And the people were scorched by intense heat, and they cursed the name of God, who had authority over these plagues; yet they did not repent and give Him glory.” you see? it’s GOD who has authority over ALLLLL these ails. Let’s seek HIM. Believe The Lord Jesus Christ and follow Him because EVERYTHING was created through Him and for Him. Stop believing this over-population, anti-Christ, unGodly and twisted belief that they tried to repeat over and over, so that we would believe it (the definition of brainwashing). it’s evil and worthless to us. if there is anyone that has questions, I’m using my facebook for this post. look me up and message me.

        • In an super ideal world we might support this population and much more. But the planet cannot support the human load as it. Resources are being stripped clean and are not being adequately replenished. We have a catastrophe awaiting us.

  1. Thats why the citizens killed those “doctors without borders” employees that were attacked and killed a few years ago. The shots were killing and sterilizing girls. And yup. Bill gates behind it. Also behind zica virus in south america. Have you ever seen the “zica babys ” they look like dna has been modified

  2. This is most likely why Butcher Bill Gates gave out around 170 million cheap, semi-attenuated (live) polio vaccines to young children in India in 2011 that were banned in the west due to safety fears after people had been paralyzed by them there.

    In fact, only one in every 200 to 1,000 people infected by polio actually ends up paralyzed, with hundreds also having died in the Gates group due to paralysis of the muscles controling the lungs, so multiply 47,500 by 1,000, and you get 47.5 million actully infected with polio disease, so Bill Gates likely actually infected 47.5 million kids in just that one country, in just that one year, with just that one disease, and consider the other years, the other countries, the other diseases that he has ‘vaccinated’ against (for?), and all those paralyzed in India had been given the vaccine, whilst the Indian government proclaimed that in 2011, for the first ever, not one single case of polio had occurred in all of India that year, whilst cases of paralysis that did occur that year were falsely attributed to such excuses as strange illnesses called ‘childhood paralysis’ and so on.

    I reckon Gates may have slipped some of this beta human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (BhCG) that causes sterility in women into those polio ‘vaccines’ as well, and polio inection often leaves some level of debility in those who have been infected, even if they are not paralysed, perhaps including mild nerve damage that might contribute towards long-term impotency in many of the young boys for instance.

    What kind of person gives out banned vaccines, especially with him being stinking rich and able to buy safer ones. Vaccines are all toxic crap bioweapons based on false science anyway, containing mercury, formaldhyde, and aluminium etc, with it already being established that if someone has flu vaccination for 10 years in succession, their likelihood of getting Alzheimers goes up 10 times or something similar (check it out) virtually guaranteeing Alzheimers for everyone conned into taking that crap, when it is completey unneccessary, as Vitamin D3 is already established as being more effective at stopping flu infections than vaccines anyway.

    Besides, most ‘flu’ infections, when tested, are not flu at all, and some flu vaccines are only 2% effective, or not effective at all, and in fairly recent years, the Baxter company introduced a flu vaccine in which they had put the 1918 ‘Spanish’ flu, which they had obtained from a corpse who had died from that. Pharmaceutical companies usually only put what they claim to be agents against the most virulent strains currently going around, to protect against those, so when they put the 1918 Spanish flu in, completely unneccessarily, as no Spanish flu naturally exists anywhere in the world now, that means that was a deliberate bioweapon intended to start an epidemic and kill countless millions, as at the time Spanish flu affected the globe, 50 milion at least died from it, though simple alternative treatments that were successful in treating nearly 100 % of patients suffering from Spanish flu were not made widely available at the time.

    Fortunately, a whistle blower revealed what was about to happen and the Baxter vaccine was never distributed, but it was an attempt by the establishment at widespread genocide, that had no doubt been arranged by an international cabal of the ‘beloved leaders’ of several nations, maybe even the UN or WHO, such is ‘democracy, it’s great to be ‘free’, ahem.

    Read the following articles to get the full picture;


    ‘Were Tainted Vaccines a Conspiracy to Provoke a Pandemic?’ (Mercola)

    March 5, 2009

    from HealthFreedomUSA Website
    ‘Baxter attempt to distibute spanish flu in vaccine’

    ‘The great flu vaccine hoax: new evidence’ Nov 8, 2017
    by Jon Rappoport

    Consider what Hugh Fudenburg, (, the world’s leading geneticist with hundreds of original publications, has to say about the flu vaccine: “We have found that clinically normal individuals aged 60-65 who receive influenza vaccine three or four times during a five-year period, will five years later have an incidence of Alzheimer’s disease 10-fold greater than age-matched individuals who did not receive it.”

    See the staggering statistics on page 18 of this document, on the extremely high incidence of Alzheimers in the USA which is already extremely prevalent there, with rates of incidence in different age groups inceasing at a massive rate;

    ‘[PDF]2017 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures – Alzheimer’s Association’

    This means that if you regularly take flu vaccines, you are most likely to get Alzheimers, so just maintain a low sucrose diet (every 5 grams of sucrose lowers your immune system by 5% for 6 hours), so forget those syrupy ‘cough syrups’, proven to extend symptoms and exacerbate them, whilst intoxicating you at the same time so you may feel ‘better’, or just ‘out of it’ in some ways. Instead, take plenty of Vitamin D3, say 5,000 iu to 8,000 iu a day, every day throughout the year, except on sunny days when you get plenty of sun, coupled with 200 ug Vitamin K2 MK7 to ensure that the calcium assimilated by the Vit D3 is actually placed in your bones and teeth and other places necessary (calcium is an important part of neurotransmitters in the brain), rather than some of the calcium finding it’s way into arteries to be deposited there unneccessarily. Also take several grams of Vitamin C a day, in small doses throughout the day, whichever form of Vit C suits you best, whenever flu or a cold or any other pathogenic illness strikes, and take a gram or two minimum Vit C every day throughout the rest of the year anyway, as our ancient relatives would take 4 grams a day minimum in their wild food diets. For irritating coughs, suck on a piece of propolis, and your cough and irritation will vanish in seconds, as it has a slightly anaesthetic effect, also being highly effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi, unless your cough is caused by a non-viral or bacterial cause.

    This should keep your immunity in top condition, so if you still come down with something really nasty, like some of these mutant viruses coming from abroad, knocking previously healthy people off in a mere day or so, get straight to A and E and do not delay a minute. If your cough does not vanish, and perssists for more than a couple of weeks or so, get checked for other serious illness, TB, cancer etc. I have read accounts of people actually getting some help in those situations on occasion, and I mean on occasion, especially when a nice propaganda story can be made of it in the government-controlled media about how they really care for people, and if you are very dangerously ill anyway, you have nothing to lose by asking them for help if you have no one else who can really help you.

    Unless you get to my age that is, as they usually just send me (and other older people that I have spoken to) away with practically no help, or extremely little help if I ask them for help with anything really serious that I cannot deal with myself, as us older folk need to be gotten rid of as soon as possible as far as they are concerned, ‘Liverpool Path’ and all (in reality a plan that involves deliberately starving patients to death on wards by making sure that bedridden patients cannot access food or water, though the government insists that patients placed on this ‘path’ [so-called ‘careplan’] are there to be allowed to ‘die with dignity’ whilst in reality, patients that are otherwise healthy, but sustain a relatively minor injury like a broken wrist even in their 50’s, suddenly ‘acquire’ ‘hospital dementia’ after being admitted for relatively minor treatments, become ga ga, then suddenly bedridden after being perfectly healthy and mobile previously, and are deliberately made unable to access food or water until they literally die, unless a concerned and horrified relative comes to their rescue and drags them out, where they make a full recovery, I have the specific instance of this case on file, and the ‘health’ services can get away with it when they question people to find out they have no relatives or anyone else who can look after them, or enquire and then make any fuss when you are not around anymore, as you can go missing and no one will notice. The government ‘health services’ really cannot wait for people to snuff it when they get older, just wait and see. You notice as you get older how your standard of medical ‘care’ is reduced to one of calculated neglect, that is precisely intended to push you into the next world as soon as possible. It is the same for us all.

    Just read the never-ending government reports in the newspapers of how they have found THE cure for cancer, absolutely guaranteed, every few months or so, using a wide variety of increasing novel methods, like tiny robots that spin at impossible speeds to power through all the veins in your body, tp kill any cancer cells mechanically or even deliver chemicals to precisely target cancer cells, you get the drift, science fiction, even proposing vaccines to prevent cancer (gardasil has not gone very well at all, having produced horrific side-effects and deaths in a number of young people), absolutely guaranteed to be perfected and rolled out to save everyone from all types of cancer in the next three years or so, and decades later, you can stand there open-mouthed and wonder where all these ‘cures’ went. They never existed, they were just Big Brother government propaganda to sweeten you up in your daily drudgery slaving away for them as you struggle to pay off your ever-increasing rip-off mortgage payments that TPTB use to ensure people keep working all their lives.

    The real cure for cancer and all types of pathogenic disease that they say they need to vaccinate for these days actually existed in the 1930’s, the (genuine) Raymond Royal Rife Beam Machine, a totally non-invasive, non-toxic technology without the slightest side-efects, that did not harm any healthy tissue or any beneficial bacteria in the body, yet that was banned, even though it provenly cured 100% of all types of cancer in any stage of the illness. That is where our sick ‘governments’ are really at, all round the world, effectively waging world war against us, killing many more than in any war, the true enemy lies within our own governments that are heavily infiltrated by the Parasite.

    Without usury, people could, as they did in Germany after 1933, buy a house with a tiny fraction of the money required today to buy a house, and thus have vastly more personal security and even retire much earlier should they wish, although most would continue to work at something they truly enjoyed for the sheer good will and enjoyment of it in a healthy society, but artificial methods like usury, fractional reserve banking (which criminally ensures that you ‘pay back’ a staggering 30 times what you really ‘borrowed’ from the banks, are employed to maintain effective slavery and total fear of the horrific consequences of confiscation of their homes if they cease to maintain mortgage payments, even if, in reality, they have already given the banks several times what the home should really have cost otherwise without usury, which is actually criminal and should be banned, as it was in Germany. Yet banning usury did not make the German people lazy, in fact their productivity rocketed, as did their weath, as the banks owned by the Parasite were no longer ripping off almost everything that the German people were earning.

    That is why the German people were slaughtered both during the war, and after the war, with 9-16 million Germans killed after the war by forced death marches, forced slavery in France and Russia and so on, and by being placed in actual concentration camps, denied all food and water behind barbed wire and machine guns in open fields with no latrines or any other facilty, and about 982.500 or so Germans, including many civilians, starved to death and died from exposure in just 21 days under the command of General Eisenhower, those were REAL concentration camps, REAL holocausts. In 1922, the Polish Communists were slaughtering thousands of Germans trapped in German territories ceded to Poland after the so-called Versailles Treaty after WWI, and when Germany tried unsuccessfully by diplomatic means to stop those mass slaughters and persecution of the former Germans in those newly Polish territories, then having to resort to military action against Poland, Germany was criminally and deceptively named as the aggressor, and war was criminally declared against the German nation. That is actually documented accurately in the 1922 Enyclopaedia Brittanica, though for the propaganda reasons of the Parasite, those facts are ignored in the mass media today whenever the cause of WWII is discussed. Incidentally, I have footage on my site, Mothman777’s Blog at WordPress, concerning the hundreds of thousands of Germans who were place in Auschwitz just after the war and beaten, tortured, and starved to death, with many being forced to undergo horrific medical experiments like having the tops of their heads sawn off with no anaesthetics and their brains then experimented on, with such images of their bodies being used to make great propaganda against the Germans for future history to employ in the never-ending propaganda campaign intended by the propagandist chosenite Sefton Delmer, who worked for the ‘British’ government.

    The continuing genocidal onslaught against the gentile peoples of the world, using the ‘health’ services of the world under the influence of the Parasite, is a genocidal act of war against the peoples of the rest of the world by the Parasite. It was the administration of the Jewish POTUS, Roosevelt, the ally of the warmonger Jews Churchill and Stalin, that banned the Raymond Royal Rife Beam Machine, that has resulted in the deaths of countless millions ever since. If that technology had remained in pubic service (now likely just used by the Rothschilds, British royals and so on) there would be no need at all today for antibiotics, vaccines, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the last two of which are mainly lethal fiendishly sadistic slow torture methods more well-suited to the methodologies of the Bolsheviks in Russia who murdered and tortured to death 66 milion Christian gentiles following the terrorist Bolshevik takeover of 1917.

    But the WHO is owned and controlled by the Parasite, so will always remain actually hostile against all other peoples, just as the agent that actually causes AIDS (not HIV, which is a mere red herring) was purposely developed on the orders of the WHO to genocide millions in targeted groups.

  3. They are trying to eradicate the Black Race!!!! Fucken assholes!! This was no mistake TRUST!! It was intentional!!!

    • NO, they are trying to eradicate the poor and uneducated in their minds. Those who have a mind of their own and refuse to turn a blind eye against this horrible genocide against them and their loved ones. This isn’t a race thing, this is being done against the oppressive people who would stand out and speak up against it. Just look at all of the holistic practitioners who have come up dead within the past couple of years. You’re right, they are assholes and this was no mistake, but it isn’t against a single race, it just so happens that the black race on a world wide scale heavily outnumbers other races and is being noticed first as the opposition against this due to the heavy numbers against it and the demons controlled by satan have to stifle them.

      This is satan and he doesn’t care what race you are, he wants the human race gone. He can’t stand any of us because God loves us so much he gave his one and only Son for us so that those who believe may live forever in paradise with him.

      Satan wanted to be better than God himself. Satan wanted to rule over God in Heaven. It wasn’t enough for him to be God’s right hand man, no being loved and treated like a prince by God wasn’t good enough for his greedy arrogant self-centered ass, he wanted to be above God.

      So now he rules over this earth but we have free will, and we can choose to believe in Jesus Christ and God Almighty the Great I Am. Satan can’t rule over us if he can’t cause us to sin, so to do this he uses all sorts of trickery, one of those being vaccines through big pharma, pharmika being the Hebrew word for sorcerer and don’t think that’s by coincidence. He uses vaccines to maim and kill our loved ones therefore enraging others and putting doubt in their hearts causing them to become bitter and resentful and causing them to lash out in defense of their loved ones.

      The only problem with this plan of his is that he doesn’t understand that God also gave us the right to defend ourselves the day Jesus told his disciples to sell their cloak and buy a sword and that two swords would be enough, one for each hand. God knows our hearts, where satan only knows our fears, God knows how strong love is and we can be forgiven should we be pushed to our limits and have to defend our loved ones no matter what path that may take us on against those who wish to do them harm.

      This is satan and his sorcerer’s otherwise known as demons.

        • Yes, now we can all recite the ritual dogma of climate change while we make sacrifice to the god of pseudo PC ‘science’.

        • You probably believe we went to the moon in that tweaker tent. The earth isn’t even a spinning ball in space. We have the technology to tell now. We have high powered views of the stars. We have high altitude balloons with cameras. We have computers to detect faked photos of earth from space. We have a ridiculously high paid hollywood show to fake space and they all make billions of dollars fooling your sorry ass.

    • believe it or not the white race also. They aren’t white people. They don’t consider themselves white. They are so called jews but not real jews. Khazars from Russia. Or infiltrated Russia and they killed 20 million or so Russian white christians. This is why the blacks and whites are being separated in the media and the owners of us all. If we united they are done.

  4. Do any of you morons even read? this is totally fake, BhCG Doesnt cause infertility nor anything else, its a placental hormone, one lab was suspended for non-compliance and the rest is pure made up fantasy! This is the reason the nasty diseases are making a comeback, human stupidity.

  5. If this is true… why are we still spending thousands of dollars for surgical sterilization in this country?

  6. Yall know this shit isn’t real right? Go on any news website BBC, Fox, breibart, cnn, ABC, NBC, aljeezera… even Wikipedia .. this is not there… for all we know this is a Russian spy spewing garbage and trying to spread distrust. This is not real at all… people have been taking tetanus shots for years nlw… plus have you looked up who runs or backs this website? Don’t be fooled the anti vaccine initiative was started by a scientist who was refuted by every independent science organization in England at the time…if you don’t believe in Vaccines… ask yourself why isn’t there polio or diphtheria in America… because of vaccines!!! Plus at the bottom of this page is this picture I took below… really chupacabra and Escobar is the son of hitler?? This is a bs website!

    • I believe it is quite true. Depop. measures have been applied in US and Europe and Japan for more than half a century and now they are starting on Africa whose population is skyrocketing now. They cannot fluoridate the water or use other chemical methods as in processed foods and packaging, so it looks like they are trying the vaccination route. Recall in US children now subjected to 49 vaccinations with like one hundred viruses and the population is suffering from this practice.

  7. Good job, vaccines, Africans can freely reproduce when they can pay for themselves and not rely on welfare from everyone else

  8. Is there more detail on the testing? Is there a mis-testing or political machinations?

    Not that I believe or trust Soros-supported Snopes, here is their statement on it:
    “After these rumours were spread, attempts were made to analyse TT vaccines for the presence of hCG. The vaccines were sent to hospital laboratories and tested using pregnancy test kits which are developed for use on serum and urine specimens, and are not appropriate for a vaccine such as TT, which contains a special preservative (merthiolate) and an adjuvant (aluminum salt). As a consequence of using these inappropriate tests, low levels of hCG-like activity were found in some samples of TT vaccine. The laboratories themselves recognised the insignificance of the results, which were below the reliable detection capability of the kits and were due to a nonspecific interaction between the adjuvant or other substances in the vaccine and the test kit. However, these results were misrepresented by the ‘pro-life’ groups with the resulting disruption of immunisation campaigns.

    When the vaccines were tested in laboratories which used properly validated test systems, the results clearly showed that the vaccines did not contain hCG. The low levels of hCG-like activity seen in some samples were the result of false positive reactions. In fact, in a laboratory in Hungary, it was shown that the sterile water supply from the local hospital gave a higher false positive level of hCG than did the TT vaccine.”

  9. It seems to be fake. Snopes says it’s false. I don’t believe you can back this news by ‘Sean Adl-Tabatabai’; just his name gives me the creeps…Not to mention that Raila Odinga, who claims it, is the cousin of our dear Obama…;
    Fake news for sure by the agitattor Raila Odinga, the Muslim, cousin of Obama, the one that continues to lose election after election in Kenya, even AFTER senator Obama campaigned for him. I’m sure you know who Odinga is. So how can you believe what he says? He just want to promote himself politically! And here is a comment from your own source stating Odinga is wrong and the vaccination is safe: “Also, after the discussion came to a head, in spite of claims of tests showing contamination, UNICEF and the World Health Organization [WHO] later said that the vaccines were safe and procured from a pre-qualified manufacturer”. So who do you believe, Odinga or WHO?

  10. @frederick_jackson:disqus you are part of the problem why this world is so f****** up Global corparations and banks screw this world and mankind over for little more than a bank balance, life to them is measured on how much they can profoit from it. Then of course you get the sleeping idiots like yourself that spurt out the brainwashing they feeed you. Do us all a favour switch off your telly and stop watching the propganda and teach yourself some empathy and compassion.

  11. No one can say this is fake news. Not when you’ve got the head of Kenya doing a press conference about it. I don’t know when people are going to wake up and realize that vaccines are NOT about health. They are a business. They are about money and things like this. Babies are dying in the United States at an alarming rate and no one knows about it because it’s not covered by the media. It happens more than people know.

  12. So let me get this straight – White Genocide is an urgent matter, but the genocide of OTHER ethnicites is okay?

  13. WE MUST PUT IN JAIL ALL EVIL PEOPLE. GAS CHAMBER. I have not read the whole article but they must all go to jail and sterilize them.

  14. Horrible and yet Black women all over the world have been the victims of involuntary sterilization since racism was born!

    • I was a healthy woman with a regular healthy cycle living in United States… In 2010, I traveled to Egypt… In order to take this trip I had to get the tetanus vaccination prior to my trip. The month after I returned… my cycle was late… and I was excited because I thought I was pregnant… Went to my obgyn… pregnancy test came back negative… had blood test done… negative… 3 months later… had my cycle… then after that nothing. I haven’t had a cycle since… My obgyn shrugged it off to early menopause… which was bullshit… You don’t go from normal ovulation and menstrual cycles to nothing…. The only common denominator was the tetanus vaccination. That tetanus vaccination shut my cycle down!!!!!!!!!!! I started doing research and all these articles were slowly surfacing on the internet about how women in Africa and third world countries were being dupped into involuntary sterilization! They were always giving the women the vaccine but not the men. I finally looked into legal counsel and they said it had been to long for them to pursue a case. This is horrible.

  15. Low Birth Rates: What Does it Mean?
    With a global population of over 7 billion people that continues to rise, it may seem odd to consider that there are countries that experience very low birth rates, and whose populations are actually stagnant or even declining as a result. In reality, however, there are numerous countries, especially across parts of Europe and East Asia, where low birth rates have caused a major decrease in population.The birth rate, also known as the crude birth rate, evaluates the figure of live births that occur during a given year for every 1,000 members of the population estimated during the same year. Natural change, then, is determined is by subtracting the crude death rate from the crude birth rate, leaving a change in population that is not due to immigration or emigration.

    Germany and Bosnia are two such European countries characterized by exceptionally low birth rates. As mentioned, low birth rates affect not only countries in Europe, as East Asia has also experienced low rates within such countries as Japan and South Korea.

    The major factors that universally contribuites to this is HIGH UVB UVC radiation levels higher than ever recorded and partly caused by man made climate change.

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