Bill Gates Is Pumping All of His Cash into China and Nobody’s Asking Why

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Bill Gates is pumping millions of dollars of his own cash into China

Billionaire lockdown fanatic Bill Gates has been secretly pumping tens of million of dollars into China since the start of the Covid pandemic. What the hell is going on?

According to a disturbing report by the National Pulse, Since the onset of Chinese Coronavirus pandemic, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has funnelled over $54 million to fund “global health” projects in China, including to institutions controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Wuhan Institute of Virology collaborators:

Since December 2019, the Foundation has sent a total of 93 grants adding up to $54,573,428 to China-based projects.

Among the grant recipients are several CCP-run institutions including Beijing Normal University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and official regime bodies including the Ministry of Agriculture, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

China’s CDC has played a key role spearheading the narrative that COVID-19 developed naturally as opposed to tracing its origins to the Wuhan Institute of Virology; the former being a now-debunked conspiracy theory spread by global health authorities, corporate media, and the political left across the world.

Wuhan University received a $127,650 grant from the Foundation in January 2021, despite the school routinely collaborating with the Wuhan Institute of Virology on research, including studies focusing on bat coronaviruses funded by Anthony Fauci. reports: We also know that Dr. Fauci funded over 60 projects at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

We also know that Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci are old friends.

Do you really think these people really care about you or your family?


  1. You don’t need to ask why, you only need to realize 1 the Bank of England owns HSBC and nothing is what it seems Then just understand that England has let that Asian boy band be the biggest act on earth for the last 3 years running.
    Pop-aganda at that and join the dots about whose coming up and whose going down. Mind you Gates has a money tree and basically money is endlessly on tap to him so he can afford to be totally Duplicitous deceiving misleading and disingenuous As can England with London as the richest square mile on earth and rhe Bank of England and all those lovely tax havens in the Islands They can play any game any way and win regardless of how the chips fall. Until Armageddon any way.

    • ROTHSCHILD owns the Bank of England, and Gates, and Soros and the rest. Gates is an agent frontman like JP Morgan was. The glove over the Hidden Hand.

      • Not true, the Royal Qunt controls the Bank of England, the BBC and … much much more. One of her castles alone, just the building, is the most expensive residence on the planet, never mind the priceless artifacts her demonic family has plundered from the world over centuries.

        The Rothschilds are nothing compared to the Royal Qunt’s shadow banking system headquartered in the “offshore” islands controlled by that family. You should check out the video entitled the Spider’s Web – Britain’s Second Empire. But it’s not really Britain’s – it belongs to the Gothe Saxenburg’s, rebranded as the Windsors.

        There is a hidden hand but it’s in much plainer sight than you imagine.

        • The soon to be dead queen will not be enjoying her wealth for long. What is her legacy? Prince Andrew of course the most famous of them all.

          • There’s always an heir or successor, and pretty much always from the same inbred clan of demonic “blue bloods”. Obviously for the public eye, Prick Charles is the anointed successor to Qunt Elizabeth.

      • They do it from a hidden place, all the headlines and speeches come from them. The people that deliver them are ‘puppets’ at best. Lies always fail at some point, honesty is a show that never ends due to internal forces failing.

  2. The elite already secretly are planning to move to China or Australia, once China takes/owns Australia. China is to be the new Capital of the New world order that will take over the world continent by continent, beginning with Australia and all the islands in the Pacific. The empty Luxury buildings and communities in China, are only empty because they are there waiting for the elite to move in when the NWO’s ww3 begins, very soon. What I know is that they will all be executed as perpetrators of the evil NWO, by the real more secretly hidden/Banker NWO people at the top. At the top the great reset has all the money and property of the old money=wealthy elite back in its banks where it always is with or without any private person’s “ownership”. They give it away for souls and it is still there in their banks where they can take it back by eliminating the owners=most ‘easily’ in WARS. The great reset is their desire to create a new wealthy elite, new people in younger and prettier smarter, Chinese bodies. From those new better bodies who will soon be willing to sell their souls for power and money. The old “elite” NWO stooges like gates and Fauci and Biden have only one use to the evil one now=to take the blame and give to these who execute them a false mask of goodness=to set them up as the new “saviors of the world” who put down the NWO psychopaths like dogs. It is a ruse, they will be led by the fake Jesus, so they can force on everyone their mark of the beast and convince you it is of GOD and good. All the elite are old and useless to the evil one, they will all drop like flies or be publicly executed to give you all the false impression there is a “good” side that has come to your “rescue”. Don’t be fooled. The people who are executed are demons=possessed by demons and those demons just want new bodies to inhabit, ones that appear as angels of light. The old bodies are outed already as evil, but it got the evil they wanted done, the wars and genocide that began with the vaxxx, will give them the new power that comes with playing saviors to mankind. Lies put people in Hell. Seek the truth from God and be set free. They play/con you that there is a good and evil side on earth in everything, it is them on both sides carrying out a charade to fool you. The only good is above in Heaven, Trust in God. The devil always and only LIES. Don’t be hopeless, when the black sun arrives, all the demonic beings of the NWO all the fake saviors and the fake Jesus, will all be taken to Hell and stay there permanently. The world will be purified in 2023. The earth will be made new for the children of God who live in and see and know the TRUTH, and have not been fooled by the devils LIES. It is a test=the final test=for the final Judgement. Endure in Truth and in Jesus Christ, Allah, Buddha, Ram, the creator of life. Reject the destroyers of Life=the antichrist #$%@. Something beautiful and magnificent is about to really arrive to save its all=to save our souls. Trust in God-ONLY, not wars, violence, governments, medicine, money, the good side evil side games they play, or false saviors or the demonic, lying, filthy, ^%$# who own the money system that gives Lucifer all his power on earth.

  3. $25M/year is a drop in the bucket for Gates, and he’s been sending money to research places all over the world for decades.

  4. It is really very simple. Your typical financial predator has zero regard for those around him or her. The government of China are predators as is Bill Gates the big difference is Chinese predators can deliver the goods so the people who are being preyed upon have allowed it to happen some embrace it. Gates on the other hand has delivered what? Windows which is flawed and for the most part built by other people who have sold their ideals to Microsoft or they have just swindled them and got it for free. So Gates and China is a match made in heaven as far as they are concerned. They are illogically a perfect fit.

  5. The Saudi billionaires were tapped by the Leaders for ‘a donation’ a year ago or so. ‘Billy Boy’, and a lot of offshore account holders, would be tapped for paying off the $1.2T owed to China, or the goods from China will never start to flow to the US again.

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