Denmark To End Most Restrictions As Covid No Longer Considered A ‘Socially Critical Disease’

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Denmark has announced that it will be removing almost all Covid restrictions next month as it is no longer categorizing the virus as a “socially critical disease“.

Most of the restrictions will be dropped by February 1, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said on Wednesday: “Tonight we can shrug our shoulders and find the smile again. We have incredibly good news, we can now remove the last coronavirus restrictions in Denmark”

RT reports: The only measure that will remain in effect for the time being is the requirement to take a Covid-19 test before entering Denmark from abroad.

Frederiksen noted that while “it may seem strange and paradoxical” that the restrictions would be removed as Denmark experiences its highest infection rates to date, she pointed to the drop in the number of patients in intensive care, crediting widespread vaccination against Covid-19 for severing the link between the number of hospitalizations and that of infections.

Health Minister Magnus Heunicke stated that there has been a “decoupling between infections and intensive care patients, and it is mainly due to the large attachment among Danes to revaccination.”

That is the reason why it is safe and the right thing to do now,” he claimed.

Heunicke announced on Tuesday that Covid-19 would no longer be considered a “socially critical disease” from February 1.

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  1. If drs are told to put patients in icu they will If they’re told not to, then they won’t. If they’re told to test thousands of people to get high numbers they eiil If they’re told not to, then they won’t.

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