Bill Gates’ Plan To Dim The Sun Is Called Off…For Now

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Bill Gates

Bill Gates effort to dim the sun has ‘divided the scientific community’ and will not be taking place…..for now at least.

Funded by Bill Gates, the geoengineering program which aimed to slow global warming by dimming the sunlight reaching Earth, was called off by the Swedish Space Agency.

Following pressure from indigenous people and environmental groups the space agency scapped the landmark first testing of the program which was scheduled to start later this year.

Summit News reports: The Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) released a statement saying that the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), which also had secured Harvard funding, will not go ahead as planned in June.

“SSC has had dialogues this spring with both leading experts on geoengineering and with other stakeholders, as well as with the SCoPEx Advisory Board,” the statement reads, adding “As a result of these dialogues and in agreement with Harvard, SSC has decided not to conduct the technical test flight planned for this summer.”

It also notes that “The scientific community is divided regarding geoengineering, including any related technology tests such as the planned technical balloon test flight from Esrange this summer.” 

The Gates funded idea would have seen the release of calcium carbonate, essentially chalk dust, into the atmosphere from a high-altitude balloon to observe the effect it has on sunlight reaching the planet surface.

The ultimate goal of the study was to reduce the temperature on the planet in an effort to stave off global warming.

However, not surprisingly, the notion of blocking out the Sun proved somewhat unpopular, with environmental groups warning of potential “catastrophic consequences.”

The Saami Council, an advocate group for Sweden’s indigenous population, warned that the Gates experiment “essentially attempts to mimic volcanic eruptions by continuously spewing the sky with sun-dimming particles.”

The group also pointed out that SCoPEx could have “irreversible sociopolitical effects” and would do nothing to reduce Carbon emissions, which are touted as the leading cause of climate change.

Essentially, the whole idea comes off as a weird vampirish effort to starve the planet of sunlight, the driver of all life, with little scientific logic behind it at all.

Bill Gates, who is flogging a book about climate change, has poured millions into geoengineerng, funnelling at least $4.6 million to the lead researcher on SCoPEx, Harvard applied physics scientist David Keith.

Gates has repeatedly lauded the notion of dimming the Sun, noteably during a Ted Talk in 2010:

Many have connected SCoPEx research into the use of stratospheric aerosols for geoengineering with so called ‘chemtrails’, suggesting that a spraying program has been ongoing in secret for years.

While the project was given a red light by Sweden, it doesn’t mean it is going away.

David Keith told Reuters that it is only “a setback,” and suggested the project could move to the US, where the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recently published a report calling for $100-200 million to be pumped into solar geoengineering over the next five years.


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