Bill Gates Vows To Eradicate Memes From the Internet Forever

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Bill Gates to eradicate Memes from the Internet forever.

Bill Gates has hatched a new plan that will result in the complete elimination of memes from the Internet forever.

The Gates-funded GAVI Vaccine Alliance has announced that it wants to reframe memes as “health disinformation super-spreaders.” reports: And we’ve heard this one before – this genre, that, in the digital age, might as well be considered as any other artistic format in previous times, is said to be capable of evading “fact checkers and content moderators” (i.e., censors).

In previous eras and authoritarian states, that would get the books with imagery and words characteristic of memes banned or burned.

So what could be the solution in the current era? And what does the big picture amount to?

Well, it’s just Bill Gates going after a free and open internet again, only by other means – cynics might say.

But here’s what a blog post on GAVI’s site says: “Our research shows that memes form part of a highly sophisticated strategy to spread and monetize health disinformation.”

(Not throwing the “monetize slur” in there – in the context of “the Gates!” /s)

When the “research” is done – (including assertions such as that memes falsely “depicted unvaccinated people as unfairly stigmatized” – well tell that to tennis superstar Novak Djokovic who almost got his career ruined by actual unfair stigmatization) – come the conclusions:

“Influencers promoting vaccine hesitancy use memes to build their online following, sow distrust of health authorities and profit from the promotion of unapproved medicines. This enables them to evade responsibility for any negative consequences of their messaging.”

There’s a “call to action” too, basically – to formally criminalize memes.

Says GAVI: “Memes may not look threatening – but that’s why they are such effective super spreaders of health disinformation.”

So then, what is GAVI, in its own words?

“As a founding partner of GAVI, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has brought international attention to the cause of immunization and has made several commitments to GAVI, totaling US$ 4.1 billion to date.”

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