Black Lives Matter Orders Biden to Jail Trump & Investigate U.S. Military

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Black Lives Matter demands Biden jail trump and investigate the military

Black Lives Matter has issued a list of demands for Joe Biden’s administration that includes an order to criminally “convict” President Donald Trump.

BLM wants the U.S. Government to permanently silence the 45th President and his supporters, despite the fact that Trump left office over three months ago.

According to the radical far-left domestic terror group, Trump and his supporters orchestrated a “coup” during the January 6th riot at the United States Capitol.

Black Lives Matter also wants Biden to investigate the U.S. military and for lawmakers to be banned from criticizing or questioning BLM’s radical agenda.

“We are joining Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Rep. Cori Bush, Rep. Jamaal Bowman, and others who are demanding Trump be immediately convicted in the United States Senate,” reads the first demand on the BLM website. “Trump must also be banned from holding elected office in the future.” reports: The group also called on former President Donald Trump to be permanently banned from “all digital media platforms,” arguing he uses the platforms “recklessly and irresponsibly to spread lies and disinformation.”

Turning their attention to Trump loyalists in Congress, the activist group demanded that all GOP lawmakers that “stoked Trump’s conspiracy theories and encouraged the white supremacists to take action to overturn the election” be expelled from Congress.

The organization also demanded that police departments across the country be defunded, reasoning there is a double standard in policing that was evident during the Jan. 6 riot.

“The police that met our BLM protestors this summer with assault rifles, teargas, and military-grade protective gear were the same police that, on Wednesday, met white supremacists with patience and the benefit of the doubt, going so far as to pose for selfies with rioters,” the group’s fifth demand reads. “The contrast was jarring, but not for Black people. We have always known who the police truly protect and serve. D.C. has the most police per capita in the country; more funding is not the solution.”

But the group warned that responses to riots should not target BLM specifically.

“In response to the coup, Politicians have already introduced the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021,” the demand reads. “We’ve seen this playbook before. These laws are used to target Black and brown communities for heightened surveillance. Republicans are already busy trying to create an equivalence between the mob on January 6th and our Freedom Summer. We don’t need new domestic terror laws, facial recognition, or any other new police power for the state. Our government should protect righteous protest and stay focused on the real issue: rooting out white supremacy. There are enough laws, resources, and intelligence, but they were not used to stop the coup. Our elected officials must uncover why.”

The group’s last demand calls on lawmakers to pass the BREATHE Act, a proposed law named in honor of George Floyd that would reform law enforcement throughout the country while moving taxpayer dollars to a “new vision of public safety” that will “answer the call to defund the police.”

“The police were born out of slave patrols. We cannot reform an institution built upon white supremacy,” the demand reads. “We need a new, radical approach to public safety and community investment. President Biden has already drawn on the BREATHE Act in his executive actions calling for racial equity screens in federal programs, investing in environmental justice at historic levels, and engaging with system-impacted communities. The BREATHE Act paints a vision of a world where Black lives matter through investments in housing, education, health, and environmental justice.”


  1. What better way to price whose really funding then than to understand what destroying the military and licking up the only real President American has had since McKinley would absolutely leave America wide open to foreign total takeover by all of them in it together .

  2. Because nowhere ever was there any type of police before slavery in the U.S. My word these people are ignorant.

  3. Joe raises his arm, clicks his heels together and says ‘So it is asked. So it is done!.’

  4. BLM should be afraid of Trump. He i is one of the only leaders that will stand against their Marxist movement.

  5. All of you who are so sure non whites can become Americans are responsible for this. The people who claim the democrats are the real racists are responsible for this. If you call someone a racist it means you are a leftist. There are no exceptions. Caring about racism has ruined the USA and it is time to demand non whites be deported out of our nation openly. They will STF right up if we do. The conversation needs to begin with whites demanding all non whites to be sent back to where they belong. How the conversation ends might be open but it has to begin with demands for non white repatriation to the horrible places they ran from.

    Communists always use minorities to murder majorities. Its time to put a stop to this crap by demanding we deport the communists non white weapons.

    • 1965 immigration act. Look at the last names of those that devised it. Sure, you have Ted Kennedy, but look more closely…

  6. BLM has nothing to do with Blacks. It has to do with Marxists. Just look at these latest demands from them. They aren’t aimed at improving the lives of Blacks, but at achieving control. They need to change their name to one that is more accurate. Marxists Lives Matter (not to me they don’t).

    • You’re absolutely right, dansilvan, and I agree 100%. Indeed, BLM has nothing to do with Blacks (around 30% are not Black). Yes, it has much to do with Marxists .. Simply look at these latest demands from them; they’re not aimed at improving the lives of Blacks at all, but surely at achieving control. I agree; they sorely need to change their name to one that’s more accurate; Marxist Lives Matter (not to me they don’t).

  7. Ah yes, Marxism at its finest. True patriots are well aware of the BLM infection and are fighting back against them worldwide. It is obvious they are funded by Soros and other ultra wealthy elites to convert the whole world to NWO communism. It will never happen, because they are outnumbered, MSM makes them out to be a majority, but they are not. They are pushing the education system to adopt Socialism/Marxism because Trump screwed up their timeline. F’em, they will not succeed. The more they push, like the vaccine push, the more people are driven away. I still have faith in my fellow Americans and I am not about to turn my back on my country, or take a knee, or apologize for the color of my skin.

  8. Who are members of the BLM to demand anything of anybody? They must be reminded that we whites have been warring over the world for years. We have weathered every continent and every enemy and won. We make civilizations. We invent the weapons of destructions and we will not be pushed around or frightened by monkeys wearing blue jeans. We are gathering strength and we are soon to be on the offensive.

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