Zelensky Wants More Funds, Arms, Munitions & Advanced Fighter Jets To Fight Russia

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Zelensky Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has renewed his almost weekly call for the West to do more to help his country in its fight against Russian forces.

Financial support still remains very important closely followed by a need for advanced fighter jets and associated trainers.

Speaking via a live link to defense leaders at a Denmark conference on Thursday, zelensky said: “The sooner we stop Russia, the sooner we can feel safe”.

“We need armaments, munitions for our defense,” he added.

According to Breitbart: AP reports Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov, who attended the conference in Denmark’s capital, told journalists that acquiring more fighter planes is the country’s priority right now.

“In the first stage, we need fighters. After that, demining,” Reznikov said.

The call comes after five and a half months of fighting and as main donor nations grapple with financial problems of their own with rising inflation cutting into budgets and discretionary spending power of governments and consumers alike.

Denmark co-hosted the daylong conference in Copenhagen with Britain and Ukraine. The AP report outlines British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the goal of the event was securing “concrete steps.”

He announced Britain will send more multiple launch rocket systems and guided missiles to Ukraine to help it resist Russia’s invasion.

Before the conference started, the Danish government said it would give Ukraine an extra 820 million kroner ($113 million), which would bring Denmark’s total contribution to the war effort to more than 3 billion kroner ($413 million).

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen called it “a huge donation.”


  1. I’ll bet hes been microchipped. And the way the wer has had to respond to him is probe beyond any reasonable doubt that the whole Ukraine scene was a deliberately set up entrapment.

  2. Every Ukrainian person I know who immigrated to the U.S many years ago still has family in Ukraine, ant they say Zelensky is an offshoot of the Nazi brownshirts of WWII.

    Wash our hands of Ukraine.

    • It takes money to be a “Brownshirt.” And the money now and then comes from the same place: the Jewish Financiers on Wall Street.

  3. And he’ll get it all.. or at least American taxpayers will fund it. Where it all eventually goes cannot be determined beyond kickbacks and donations to US Politicians. We are Being Fleeced and Scammed.

  4. Not another red cent to Ukraine. We have no interest in that country, We took money out of Afghanistan now to give it to this country….No Way.

  5. They’ve milked this cash cow for all it’s worth. I’m sure Zelenskyy is headed to his new mansion in Costa Rica or Florida very soon. He was a puppet and the clown show is almost over.

  6. We the people need to stand up to Ukraine and let them know it is not our war. Let him do what he want but leave us alone–no more funding Ukraine.

  7. This jacka$$ leader thinks he can demand any amount of arms and money from countries that don’t give a crap about him. How about Zelensky just fo and Russia will then go home

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