Britain Would Support New US Airstrikes On Syrian Government Targets

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The UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said that Britain is “absolutely” ready to support retaliation by US President Donald Trump against President Assad in Syria.

On Monday the White House issued a statement alleging that Assad was “potentially” preparing a new deadly chemical weapons attack and threatened that the president and the Syrian military would “pay a heavy price”

Sounds like another false flag event is in the works.

RT reports:

Fallon said action should be justified, legal, and proportionate, but said in those circumstances the UK’s support for US action by Trump would be unwavering. He added that the UK backed the US missile strikes in April, which Trump ordered after an alleged chemical attack by Assad.

“As always in war, the military action you use must be justified, it must be legal, it must be proportionate, it must be necessary. In the last case it was.

“If the Americans take similar action again, I want to be clear, we will support it.”

Fallon said the US was monitoring the situation in Syria, but had not shared any specific evidence with the British government.

He said he expects to discuss the situation with US Defense Secretary General James Mattis when they meet at a gathering of NATO defense ministers later this week.

Britain’s Stop the War Coalition (StWC) says there should be “every fear” that “Trump is planning a further escalation of his wars in the Middle East – an escalation which will be backed by the weak and rotten British government, propped up by the right-wing DUP.”

In a statement on Tuesday, the anti-war group said Fallon “recklessly committing” to support Trump should be opposed.

“There can be no justification for the use of chemical weapons, and we condemn any use of them. Trump’s claim that he knows of a proposed chemical weapons attack to be carried out by the Assad government, and that he will use military action to prevent this, should also worry everyone who wants peace in the Middle East.

“We do not know what evidence he has, and it is clear that at least some US military sources are skeptical of his claims.

“But we do know that Trump has built up US support for Saudi Arabia in recent months, and at the same time increased his verbal attacks on Iran, one of Syria’s main allies. He is also giving full support to Israel, which is ratcheting up its siege on Gaza, with terrible humanitarian consequences.”

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