Study Reveals mRNA Vaccines Are ‘Reactivating’ Previously Dormant Viruses and Diseases

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Covid-19 mRNA vaccines significantly increase the likelihood of reactivating dormant viruses and diseases according to a major peer-reviewed cohort study of over two million fully vaccinated people.

Vaccine-induced viral reactivation was found to reactivate a range of illnesses and diseases, with herpes viruses most likely to reanimate post Covid-19 mRNA vaccination. For example, the incidence of Herpes Zoster virus (HZ), or shingles, exploded in the vaccinated cohort.

According to the study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, “T-cell-mediated immunity” is significantly worsened in fully vaccinated people, leading to the reemergence of viruses and illnesses previously dormant in the person.

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The study concluded that “a higher incidence of HZ was statistically detectable post-COVID-19 vaccine. Accordingly, the eruption of HZ may be a rare adverse drug reaction to COVID-19 vaccines.”

“Even though the molecular basis of VZV reactivation remains murky, temporary compromising of VZV-specific T-cell-mediated immunity may play a mechanistic role in post-vaccination pathogenesis of HZ. Note that VZV reactivation is a well-established phenomenon both with infections and with other vaccines (i.e. this adverse event is not COVID-19-specific).”

Here’s a meta-analysis confirming the same phenomenon of significantly increased likelihood of Herpes Zoster virus reactivation, as well as many other herpes family virus reactivation after COVID-19 vaccination. According to the meta-analysis:

“The results of our proportion meta-analysis showed that the rate of VZV reactivation among those who received the COVID-19 vaccine was 14 persons per 1000 vaccinations (95% CI 2.97–32.80). Moreover, our meta-analysis for HSV reactivation showed the rate of 16 persons per 1000 vaccinations (95% CI 1.06–46.4). Furthermore, the evidence from case reports/series showed 149 cases of HHV reactivation.”

In fact, there is a wealth of research proving that herpes viruses have a causal role in many autoimmune and chronic inflammatory conditions:

“There is an increasing evidence linking infection with herpesviruses to the development of multiple autoimmune disorders. Large epidemiological studies suggested that susceptibility to multiple sclerosis (MS) is gained in early childhood, with viral infections acting as a trigger. Consequently, herpesviruses which are a childhood infections, are considered appropriate candidates contributing to MS development [64]. Herpesviruses also persist in the host as a latent infection, and when reactivated contribute to disease pathogenesis as observed in systemic autoimmune diseases (SADs) [65,66].”

The new study confirms prior research which proved that countries that implemented lockdowns and mandatory vaccination as part of ‘zero-COVID’ policies now have the least immunity from the virus.

The research conducted by The Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine estimates that China, which still has multiple lockdowns across the country, has the lowest level of immunity to COVID-19 on the planet.

Other nations that didn’t institute harsh lockdowns, including Russia, Singapore and Brazil are thought to have the highest immunity levels, according to the research.

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