British Taxpayers Furious over £2.4 Million Bill For Harry & Meghan’s New Home

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are spending £2.4 million in taxpayers money to renovate their new home.

The couple were already living in a perfectly nice apartment inside Kensington Palace, but it’s been suggested that the reason why Prince Harry and his wife were so keen to leave, was because they were living under the shadows of Prince William and his wife.

However, the pair have come under fire after the cost for renovations at their ‘Frogmore Cottage’ was revealed.

In his Mail Online column, the Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan asks: “Why should taxpayers pay millions so super-rich Prince Harry and Meghan ‘Kardashian’ Markle can have a mansion makeover just because they don’t get on with Wills and Kate?”

He writes: Sorry, HOW much?

That was my first reaction to news that British taxpayers paid £2.4 million ($3.06 million) to refurbish Prince Harry and his wife Meghan’s new home Frogmore Cottage.

My second thought was how could anyone spend that kind of money on a repairing a COTTAGE?

I mean, if you check the dictionary definition of a cottage, it says: ‘A small house, typically in the countryside.’

Frogmore isn’t a ‘small house’ – it’s a very large sprawling mansion set in the 33-acre grounds of Frogmore Estate near Windsor Castle.

Harry and Meghan chose to move out of London to Frogmore Cottage (pictured) near Windsor, and convert the existing five homes back into one

In fact, it’s so big that until the royal couple decided to live there, the ‘cottage’ was split into a series of FIVE separate housing units for estate workers.

Now, I’ve got no problem with Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, wanting to live in such a grand property, which was built in 1801 at the direction of Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III, as a retreat for her and her unmarried daughters.

But I do have a big problem with being forced to pay for it, and so it seems do the vast majority of Britons judging by a poll we conducted today on the TV show I co-present, Good Morning Britain.

A staggering 87% of over 14,000 people who voted answered ‘NO’ to the question: ‘Should the taxpayer pay £2.4 million for the redevelopment of Harry and Meghan’s official residence?

That result should cause considerable concern to the Royal Family.

There are a number of reasons why this bombshell revelation is sparking such outrage.

First, they were already living in a perfectly nice apartment inside Kensington Palace.

Second, they were offered a far larger and grander apartment inside the Palace grounds by another royal, the Duke of Gloucester, but turned it down.

The advantage of taking up that offer is that it would have required no extra security arrangements as those are already in place at the Palace, where many royals live.

The disadvantage is that the Duke of Gloucester’s home is directly next door to Prince William and his wife Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and relations between the Fab Four have grown increasingly strained.

So instead, Harry and Meghan chose to move out of London to this luxurious home near Windsor, and convert the existing five homes back into one – which required major refurbishment in the form of new ceilings, floors, bathrooms, bedrooms and a kitchen.

They are reported to have used an interior designer deployed by global celebrity hangout Soho House to oversee it.

Of course, that is entirely their right, up to the point where we have to pay millions for them to do so.

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