WEF Orders Govt’s To Prepare for BILLIONS of ‘Social Credit Prisoners’ As Spy Bills Enacted Around the World

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The World Economic Forum has been quietly granted backdoor access to billions of cellphones as part of a plot to compile "blacklists" of users who hold "politically incorrect" views and commit "wrongspeak."

The World Economic Forum has been quietly granted backdoor access to billions of cellphones as part of a plot to compile “blacklists” of users who hold “politically incorrect” views and commit “wrongspeak.”

According to a World Economic Forum insider, these blacklists of so-called “deplorables” will be used to assign a “social credit score” to people before the social credit scheme is officially rolled out in the next few years.

Klaus Schwab’s evil plan is playing out to perfection in France, where WEF puppet Emmanual Macron has granted the global elite permission to spy on every single French citizen by turning on the camera and microphones on their cellphones – without a warrant or any kind of notification.

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Riots have rocked France for weeks now, with thousands of buildings destroyed, libraries and museums torched, and Christians publicly raped and murdered across the entire country. French police and mainstream media cannot even keep track of which towns have been totally burned to the ground.

The chaos in France is coming to America. If anyone thinks it’s not, they’re delusional. How do we know the chaos is coming to America? Because it is orchestrated by the elite.

Klaus Schwab warned us to get ready for an angrier world and it has now become clear exactly why he wants to rule over a divided society.

The riots have given Schwab’s puppet president Macron the excuse to quietly roll out the most invasive surveillance law ever enacted anywhere outside of George Orwell’s worst nightmares.

France’s WEF-penetrated parliament has voted to approve the new clause in the justice reform bill allowing police to remotely turn on cameras and microphones in a host of internet-connected devices for up to six months to ordinary citizens for “wrongthink.”

This is an exact replica of the surveillance apparatus deployed in China to ensure social obedience and deference to the Communist central government.

This should come as no surprise, as Schwab has been praising the Chinese “social credit score” system for years and declaring that it is a model for the West.

A “good score” brings you benefits, while a “low score” gets you blacklisted – you can’t get a decent job, book tickets, or a hotel room… and your children can’t attend good schools. Your life can be “switched off” at any time.

This future is just two years away for the citizens of WEF-penetrated France.

Thin-skinned Macron, who was selected by the WEF, not elected, has already started how he intends to go on, prosecuting anybody he catches insulting him.

While his wife sues anybody who dares to publish the results of a three-year independent investigation into her shady history.

This is the sorry state of affairs in a WEF-penetrated country. France has fallen, and things will only get worse until the people reclaim the nation’s sovereignty.

It’s not as though Schwab failed to warn us about his plan to eradicate privacy and destroy the lives of anybody who opposes the globalist agenda. Schwab spoke to the French media and told French citizens that if they have nothing to hide from the global elite, then they have nothing to be afraid of.

Schwab has created a reality for French people in which they are under constant surveillance and they must be on their best behavior, using politically correct language, correct pronouns, and avoiding “wrongthink” at all times – or else they will be put on a list and punished in the future.

You have heard of cancel culture, in which someone can lose their job, their livelihood, their family, for something they posted on social media years ago.

The WEF are now going to hold this kind of power over everyone based on everything they have ever said within earshot of their cellphone and devices.

This is exactly the kind of authoritarian evil that George Orwell warned us about.

And in case you think this is only happening in France, think again.

In the UK, police officers are now explaining why they can arrest and imprison you for using the wrong pronouns.

I’m not sure I can “have a good day” after being threatened with prison over my use of pronouns.

Free speech is no longer under attack, it is being trampled on by the global elite’s jackboots.

The globalist elite have been carefully planning the attack on humanity for decades. The Illuminati card game, released in 1982, predicated this eventuality with chilling accuracy.

The moral from this dangerous, nightmare situation is a simple one. Don’t let it happen. It depends on you.

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