Bud Light Prices Hit Rock Bottom at Costco – Customers Still Won’t Touch It

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Bud Light is being sold at massively discounted prices as Anheuser-Busch grapples with the consequences of its disastrous decision to collaborate with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Bud Light’s decision to print Mulvaney’s face on a can of beer might ultimately prove to be the worst business decision in the beer industry’s history.

This unholy alliance has resulted in the loss of millions upon millions of loyal customers and a substantial amount of revenue for the company. The brand’s image has been severely damaged, to the point where it may never fully recover.

The Bud Light fiasco should wake up corporate America to drop all wokery. Bud Light is a punchline on social media, and cases of it are sitting on store shelves.

On Sunday, conservative commentator Ryan Fournier shared an image of cases of the brand being sold at a substantial discount at Costco.

Fournier’s photo showed 36-packs of Bud Light on sale for only $14.97.

“This is insane,” he commented.

Western Journal report:

That means in at least one store, a can of Bud Light is worth about 41 cents.

Many who commented on the post made it clear they wouldn’t buy the beer at any price. But let’s take a moment to truly look at what a deal that is.

Customers naturally save more when they buy anything in bulk, and beer is no exception. Still, 41 cents per can is staggering.

While Fournier’s Facebook post showed Bud Light being sold in bulk, the fact the brand is priced at $0.41 a can anywhere is indicative of how much damage Anheuser-Busch has done to itself.

Americans have been left reeling by inflation for the last two years as prices have skyrocketed for the most basic of necessities — including food and housing.

Some families have been grappling with grocery bills that are making it difficult for them to even get by.

If you’re struggling to sell beer for pennies on the dollar to people who are looking for both a bargain and an escape, you’ve committed an egregious error.

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