California Caught Colluding With CCP To Unleash ‘Deadly Pathogen’ on American Population

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California caught colluding with China to launch deadly pathogen on American population

The Chinese Communist Party colluded with Democrats to release deadly pathogens from a Newsom-funded biolab in California, according to a bombshell report by Gordon Chang.

Chang, author of “The Great U.S.-China Tech War”, warned that the hundreds of genetically engineered mice discovered along with dozens of infectious agents at a warehouse in Reedley, California last week means China was preparing to launch a deadly bioweapon attack on U.S. soil.

“The other thing they found was nearly 1,000 mice, 175 of them dead, that had been genetically engineered to transmit disease,” Chang told Fox News last Friday.

“So, the only conclusion that fits the facts is that China was preparing to launch a pathogen from this lab, and I’m sure there must be others around the United States as well.”

“At the very minimum, we need to be scouring our country for facilities like this because we know what disease can do to hobble our society,” he added. reports: The secret Chinese biolab was in operation for months in the “abandoned” building before it was uncovered by inspectors, who found, “medical waste and hazardous materials”, pregnancy and COVID kits and unmarked vials of biological and viral agents including coronavirus, HIV, malaria, E. coli, hepatitis, and chlamydia.

In a previous interview with NTD, Chang explained how the illegal biolab amounts to an act of war committed by the CCP against America.

“This lab was supposed to be making COVID-19 in pregnancy tests, but they found a lot of things in the lab that are inconsistent with that explanation,” Chang said. “Including at least 20 agents for various diseases. And also there were about 1,000 white lab mice there that were genetically engineered to carry pathogens.”

“So we have to assume that this was a biological weapons facility in the United States,” he added.

A representative for Prestige BioTech, the CCP-backed company operating the illegal lab, admitted to investigators that the mice on site were indeed “genetically engineered to catch and carry the COVID-19 virus.”

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