California Senate candidate: Paris attacks false flag op to keep Bibi in power

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California Senate candidate: Paris attacks false flag op to keep Bibi in power

In an interview with Press TV, Jack Lindblad, a California Senate candidate, implies that the Charlie Hebdo attacks were  carried out by Mossad.

Press TV reports: The recent terror attacks in Paris have “all the markings” of a false flag operation although the Takfiris of “ISIL are involved”, says Jack Lindblad, a candidate for California Senate.

Lindbald, of Green Party of LA County Council, told Press TV on Tuesday that the militants, carrying out the deadly attack against the Charlie Hebdo Satirical weekly and a supermarket, are “not from the religion… (but) from US and the Mossad” and the deadly attacks were meant to keep Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “in power” .

“It’s meant to keep Europe under Netanyahu’s thumb.”

Lindblad referred to a getaway car “left there by a Mossad agent ready for the shooters at the cartoonist office to get a second getaway car” with one of the terrorist’s passport left “intentionally… just like 9/11.”

“The markings are false flag.”

Lindblad also referred to a Paris march by millions condemning the attacks in attendance of world leaders, where Netanyahu “threw himself in the middle of what was a photo opportunity.”

“Not a welcome guest”, Bibi was “wondering why he missed the bus” so he “pushed himself to the front of the crowd” at the Sunday’s march.

US national security advisors advised President Barack Obama “to stay clear of” the march, Lindbald said questioning the authenticity of the attacks.

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