Canadian Police Probe Mysterious Deaths Of Big Pharma Billionaire & His Wife

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A Canadian billionaire and his wife were found dead in the basement of their Toronto mansion on Friday in circumstances that police described as “suspicious”.

Canadian police are investigating the mysterious deaths of Barry Sherman, the founder of Canadian pharmaceutical firm Apotex, and his wife Honey.

Police Constable David Hopkinson said  “The circumstances of their death appear suspicious and we are treating it that way”

Update: Barry Sherman was actually DR. Barry Sherman (MIT) and as CBC, Canada’s NATIONAL news service explained, he was “constantly battling ‘Big Pharma.’”

The Guardian reports: Homicide detectives later told reporters gathered outside the home that there were no signs of forced entry.

Two bodies covered in blankets were removed from the home and loaded into an unmarked van on Friday evening. The property is listed for sale for nearly C$7m (£4.1m/US$5.4m).

Sherman, 75, founded privately held Apotex in 1974. He stepped down as chief executive in 2012 but remained as executive chairman. Forbes has estimated his net worth at $3.2bn.

Apotex employs 11,000 people and is the world’s seventh largest generic drugmaker, according to its website.

The Toronto mayor, John Tory, said he was “shocked and heartbroken” to learn of the deaths and noted the couple had made extensive contributions to the city.

“Toronto police are investigating, and I hope that investigation will be able to provide answers for all of us who are mourning this tremendous loss,” he said.



    Bernard (Barry Sherman) first worked for his uncle Louis Winter. Both Louis (aged only 41 at time of death) and his wife died with a few weeks of one another leaving behind 4 orphaned children, the oldest being 9?

    The Empire Group of Companies was purchased by Louis Winter’s nephew Bernard (Barry) Sherman on August 23, 1967, in conjunction with his high school friend, Joel Ulster. To facilitate the corporate acquisition, Barry and Joel Ulster (Sherman and Ulster Limited) offered five percent equity options to each of the four children and a fifteen year royalty on four of its patented products.[3] Litigation is currently before the courts [4] concerning the purchase of the corporate assets and brands from the Winter children’s estate, as Sherman and his partner never paid the royalties nor provided the promised equity in the businesses.[5] The Executor, Royal Trust, now a division of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), processed this transaction on behalf of the infant beneficiaries of Beverley and Louis Winter. Barry Sherman would eventually launch Apotex Inc. in 1974.

    Motive for murder maybe or revenge for stealing a multi billion dollar company? “If you play with fire then expect to, at some point, get burned”.

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