Candace Owens Accuses Dems of Going ‘Full Satan’ and ‘Desecrating Statues of Jesus Christ’

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Candace Owens

Candace Owens has slammed Democrats for going “full Satan” in 2020, stating that we are “close to hell on earth” when “a man like George Floyd gets buried in a gold casket while statues of Frederick Douglas and Jesus Christ are being desecrated.”

According to Owens, 2020 is the year Democrats and the liberal left fully exposed themselves as godless enemies of Christianity.

According to Owens, celebrating and defending “violent criminals” like George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks “doesn’t prove you’re black,” adding “it proves you’re dumb.”

Owens has been under attack from members of the African American community for her critical stance on the Black Lives Matter movement, however she remains defiant, saying, “When REAL men like Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas disagree w/ me—I’ll know I’m on the wrong side.” 

According to Owens, the Democratic Party is “trying to inspire a race war” in an election year in collusion with the mainstream media. She is urging her African American compatriots to stop rioting and acting “like a trained chimpanzee every single time the media runs a story.

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That’s how you have to be black? Listen to your psychological conditioning,” Owens said

If to be black, you can’t speak in proper English, or you’re “acting white.” Right? To be black, you instantly have to jump up like a ****** trained chimpanzee – excuse my language – like a trained chimpanzee every single time the media runs a story, and act angry, and riot, and talk about how pained you were to see this happen to black people, but keep your mouth shut, right, when it happens black-on-black because if you talk about the black-on-black crime, you’re a race traitor, right?”

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Owens also said that African Americans can learn from the example set by Scottish people in the 17th century.

Scottish people were severely behind the English people, just in terms of everything. And David Hume inspired and uplifted and challenged the Scottish people by saying if we want to get ahead, we have to learn English,” Owens said.

In a matter of years, in a matter of decades, the Scottish people passed the English people in engineering, and in the sciences. And it’s because they challenged themselves to be better, and not to be worse. They didn’t pretend that somehow having a broken language, having broken-down families was a symbol of who we are.”

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