Dad Arrested For Firing Shots at Grown Man He Found In Bed With 14-Year-Old Daughter

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Georgia Father Arrested

A Georgia father an has been arrested after walking into his 14-year-old daughter’s bedroom and finding a grown man who claimed to be her “boyfriend” in her bed.

The outraged father choked the young man, beat him bloody, and even knocked a few teeth out.

The police would have probably been willing to let all of that go, but it’s what happened next that got the father into trouble.

From Fox 5 Atlanta

A Coweta County father is under arrest for aggravated assault after what he did to a man he found in his 14-year-old daughter’s bedroom.

Investigators say they are sympathetic with the dad’s anger, which included knocking out some teeth, but say he crossed a legal line when firing shots as the man ran away down the street.

Wayne Dupree reports: A lot of fathers might say they would do the same thing Ismael Casillas did when he found that man inside his daughter’s bedroom. That is to beat the man bloody. But investigators say there is a limit, a line, that even a lenient Georgia law allows for homeowners defending their families.

Forty one-year-old Ismael Casillas and 20-year-old Keywontrezes Humphries met early July 4th morning in the bedroom of Casillas’ 14-year-old daughter in their Coweta County home, according to investigators, who say in a rage the dad severely beat and choked Humphries. He even chipped and knocked out some teeth. If it had stopped there, investigators say they might not have charged the dad.

But they say Casillas asked his wife for a gun. And they say after the 20-year-old jumped out of a window, the dad met him in the front yard and continued the beating, threatening his life and firing shots through the neighborhood as the young man ran away.

Investigators say that is where Casillas crossed the line, because Humphries was no longer a threat to him. Though investigators say they understand Casillas rage, Georgia law draws a line on continuing actions against an intruder once they are no longer a threat and in this case fleeing down the road.

Let’s hope officials go easy on the dad. We actually need more dads like him, fighting for their daughters. Let’s hope he can straighten her out. Why on earth is a 14-year-old involved with a 20-year-old boy to begin with?

Meanwhile, the 20-year-old man is facing sexual molestation charges, and because of the child’s age and his age, more charges are likely coming.

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