CDC Warn Of Mass Tuberculosis Outbreak In United States

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CDC say tuberculosis (TB) being brought to America via the Mexican border

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have warned that a potential tuberculosis epidemic could hit America due to the surge of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the Mexico-U.S. border. 

According to the CDC, some of the illegal immigrants who have made it onto U.S. soil have been confirmed as having TB, swine flu, and some of them have been diagnosed as having Dengue. reports:

The internal warning was: “We might as well plan on many of the kids having TB.” It was included in June 2014 email guidance from environmental health scientist Alaric C. Denton as the agency prepared to handle the crisis, which was repeated in 2015 and is expected again this year.

“Most of these kids are not immunized, so we need to make sure all our staff are immunized,” said Denton, who is stationed at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, according to a new document obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch and released Thursday.

What’s more, the documents obtained in Judicial Watch’s investigation of the flood of so-called unaccompanied minors, topping 70,000 a year, revealed that all aren’t the little children the administration has portrayed them as. Many are young adults, and gang members.

“The CDC official reveals in the documents obtained by JW as a result of the lawsuit that ‘some of these kids are not really kids they are young adults, and we should be wary of personal safety,'” said a memo.

Judicial Watch added, “Homeland Security sources directly involved with the mess told JW that holding centers were jam-packed, rampant with diseases and sexually active teenagers. A veteran Border Patrol officer who heads the agency’s Tucson sector quickly established that many of the UACs were not little kids but rather 17-year-olds with possible ties to gang members in the U.S.”

Read their full report here.


  1. Get these nasty illegals out of this country. No one wants them here and we damn sure don’t want their nasty diseases

  2. Get these nasty illegals out of this country. No one wants them here and we damn sure don’t want their nasty diseases

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