Cher: Donald Trump’s Kids ‘Aren’t Worth a Damn’

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Pop icon Cher once again went after President Donald Trump’s children with a tweet saying they “aren’t worth a damn.”

Pop icon Cher once again went after President Donald Trump’s children with a tweet saying they “aren’t worth a damn.”

The “Believe” singer launched her latest attack on the Trump family on Thursday labelling them the “let them eat cake” Trumps and insisting “not one of them” are “worth a damn.”

The Los Angeles resident included several news stories and photos of President Trump’s sons and big game trophy hunts. She also added an image of Google searches of Ivanka’s connections to China.

Breitbart report: That was not the first dig Cher perpetrated against one of Donald Trump’s children this week. Earlier this week, the Oscar-winning actress went on the attack against Ivanka Trump, again over China, and called her and the president the “first family who commits treason.”

But Cher angered many on the left, recently, by seeming to agree with conservatives who feel that America’s cities cannot sustain a constant influx of illegal aliens.

Last month Cher tweeted that Los Angeles can’t even take care of its own people, much less an avalanche of illegals. Cher said she could not understand how LA could afford to admit and take care of more illegals when city officials have failed to care for the homeless, for veterans, and poverty-stricken Americans already in their midst.

On the heels of that tweet, Cher took a ton of heat from the left a second time when she tweeted that she was against the idea floated by Sen. Bernie Sanders who wants to allow criminals still in jail to vote.

The pop icon soon felt the need to defend herself against attacks from leftists who thought her previous tweet was gauche. In a follow-up tweet, Cher yelled “Excuse the Fk Out Of Me If I don’t want Murders, Rapists, &; CHILD MOLESTERS of every color to vote.”

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Pure LaPeen PRIDE is what my feelings are today for Cher! Thank you Cher for your service to The Cause. Keep on kickin’ it Auntie Maxine Style!

  2. She is not the one to talk about other peoples kids. Have you seen that thing she brought into this world?

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