Child Predator: Jeffrey Epstein Lost Interest When Girls ‘Lost Their Braces’

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Jeffrey Epstein lost interest in girls after they stopped wearing braces, detective claims

Pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein lost sexual interest in his victims as soon as they “lost their braces and their pubescent look,” according to a former cop who has been investigating the child sex trafficker for over a decade.

Epstein would ask the “too old” teens to then procure “young girls” who were more his type, ex-detective Michael Fisten told CNN.

“Once these girls lost their braces and their pubescent look and started becoming 16-years old or 17-years old, they were too old for him, so then he started using them as recruiters to bring the younger girls,” Fisten said. reports: Fisten began investigating the multimillionaire financier in 2009 for lawyer Brad Edwards, who represents several women who claim Epstein abused them when they were underage.

“I started going out and interviewing witnesses that became victims,” Fisten told CNN. “One after another, three girls turned into four girls, turned into five, six, seven and so on…I couldn’t help but think that this could’ve been my daughter or your daughter or my next-door neighbor’s daughter.”

In the interview, Fisten alleged that Epstein hired “former Miami cops” to try to frighten his accusers into silence.

“He paid an extremely large retainer to them and all their job to do was to follow the girls around and intimidate them,” he said.

Fisten also claimed that in recent years, Epstein traveled with two young women who procured girls for him — and that he and Edwards gave the women’s names and other information to federal authorities.

Last week, Edwards publicly alleged that Epstein had sex with at least one young woman while on work release as part of a sweetheart plea bargain in Florida on prostitution charges, one involving a minor.

In response to Edwards’ claims, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office said Friday that it was investigating to see if the deputies who monitored Epstein “violated any agency rules and regulations.”

Epstein, 66, was busted July 6 on child sex-trafficking charges and last week was ordered held without bail by a judge who ruled that his “excessive attraction” to underage girls “appears to be uncontrollable.”

Epstein has pleaded not guilty. His lawyers didn’t return a request for comment Sunday.


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