CNN Political Analyst Tells Viewers ‘There’s Very Little Rioting, Very Little Violence’ Across US

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CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers reacted to President Trump’s RNC speech by absurdly claiming “there’s very little rioting” and “very little violence” at the moment in the United States.

Let’s be honest Don and you do make this point over and over,” said Powers, addressing CNN host Don Lemon.

There’s very little rioting, actually there’s very little violence, but it’s magnified by Donald Trump and it’s magnified by Republicans to convince people that people are coming for them and that’s just simply not what’s happening,” said Powers.

It’s no surprise that CNN is attempting to bury the real extent of the riots given that their reporters are still describing them as “mostly peaceful” while towns and cities literally burn behind them as radical and violent mobs control the streets.

Don’t believe your eyes: CNN tell viewers Kenosha riots are “fiery but mostly peaceful” while the town burns.

In reality, as anyone who does not rely on CNN to stay “informed” would know, the last three months have seen relentless rioting, destruction and violence in numerous Democrat-run cities across America on a nightly basis.

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As an illustration, the night of the 27th of August was the first time there hasn’t been a riot in Portland in a shocking 93 days.

Summit report: In addition to hundreds or even thousands of injuries suffered by both police and rioters, there have been dozens of deaths during the George Floyd riots (Wikipedia used to publish a regularly updated death toll but this was removed in recent weeks).

Even back in June, the cost from property damage from the George Floyd riots (there have been many more since) were estimated to be the “most expensive civil disturbance(s) in US history,” according to experts, a figure that runs into the billions.

Multiple videos also emerge every day showing anyone who gets in the way of the rioters or tries to defend their property being viciously beaten, or in the case of David Dorn, killed in cold blood.

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