CNN’s Cuomo Caught Fantasizing About Choking Tucker Carlson, Punching Him ‘In The Sternum’

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CNN host Chris Cuomo has been caught fantasizing about choking Fox News host Tucker Carlson and delivering a “punch to the sternum” during an embarrassing meltdown on CNN within hours of a report by Tucker Carlson exposing his COVID-19 hypocrisy.

Chris Cuomo appeared fellow CNN host Don Lemon’s show and admitted that he fantasizes about using “naked chokes” and punches “to the sternum” on detractors at the Fox News channel.

And after someone annoys you for a while, you know you have your detractors Chris, many of them on state television like I do,” Lemon snidely remarked to Cuomo in reference to Fox News. “What’s the best way to handle it? You just ignore it.

Naked choke,” Cuomo snapped, in an apparent reference to the front and rear naked chokes used in mixed martial arts. “Punch to the sternum.”

On Tuesday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson lambasted Cuomo for the latter’s utter hypocrisy on masks.

“Chris Cuomo calls us immoral for doubting the rules, then, in private, he whips off his mask the second he can,” Carlson said, displaying photos from the weekend that show a maskless Cuomo puffing on a cigar in a crowded Long Island restaurant.

Tucker Carlson has previously criticized Cuomo for not following the social distancing and mask rules that he preaches while on air at CNN.

Cuomo has a long history of fantasizing about violence.

In August 2019, the governor’s younger brother was caught on camera having a meltdown over being called “Fredo,” screaming “You’re going to have a f***king problem, I’ll f***king ruin your sh*t, I’ll throw you down the stairs like a f***king punk.

Ultimately, Cuomo did not follow through on his threats, despite saying “Come on boy, you want to call me sh*t, call me sh*t then, I’ll f***king wreck your sh*t, I’ll f***king wreck your sh*t.”

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