‘Continuity of Generations’: Ukrainian Nazi Battalion Proudly Unveil ‘Hitler’s Buzzsaw’ Machine Guns

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Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion has proudly displayed some of their more exotic weaponry on messaging app Telegram, revealing that they are using German World War 2-era MG42s.

The German-made MG42, known as “Hitler’s buzzsaw”, is a machine gun used widely by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi forces in World War 2. According to Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, their use of MG42s represents “continuity of generations” of Nazis fighting in Europe.

Remarkably, the western mainstream media continues to support the Azov Battalion and other Ukranian Neo-Nazis despite their shameless Nazi ideology, lionizing them as heroes in the fight against Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Yesterday’s Nazis, today’s freedom fighters? It is fascinating how our controllers just flip the script and get away with it. Orwell warned us. Or at least he tried to. Doublethink. Doublespeak. It’s all in the book.

The MG42 was used extensively by Nazi Germany’s armed forces, the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS.

But it gets even worse. The Azov Battalion is far from the only Nazi group operating in Ukraine.

And Western nations, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany, have been arming and training Ukraine’s Nazis for years.

Per Ottawa Citizen:

Far-right extremists in Ukraine’s military have bragged they received training from the Canadian Forces and other NATO nations, a new study from an American university has uncovered.

The study from an institute at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., tracked social media accounts of the far-right group Centuria, documenting its Ukrainian military members giving Nazi salutes, promoting white nationalism and praising members of Nazi SS units.

The far-right group has been active since 2018 at the Hetman Petro Sahaidachny National Army Academy or NAA, according to the report from George Washington’s Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies.

The NAA is Ukraine’s premier military education institution and a major hub for western military assistance to the country, including from Canada.

Centuria members acknowledged on social media they have received training from the Canadian military and have participated in military exercises with Canada. In May, Centuria organizers boasted to their followers that its members currently served as officers in Ukraine’s military and “have succeeded in establishing cooperation with foreign colleagues from such countries as France, the United Kingdom, Canada, the USA, German and Poland,” according to the institute’s report.

During the Trump presidency, these Nazi groups in Ukraine were banned from receiving US funds to provide arms and training.

Centuria also has ties to the Azov movement. In 2018, the U.S. Congress banned the use of U.S. funds to provide arms, training and other assistance to the Azov Battalion because of its links to the far right and Neo Nazis.

Ottawa Citizen

Fast forward a few years and the Biden administration and mainstream media are hailing these Nazis as heroes.

Too bad Obama is not in office, he could push for a no-fly zone and strategically drop weapons for the Nazis, like he did with ISIS in Syria.

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