Men Caught Handing Cash To ‘Caravan Migrants’ Heading To U.S. Border

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Men caught handing caravan migrants cash at border

As the 7,000-strong migrant caravan heads towards the U.S. border, a group of men in white t-shirts have been filmed handing migrants money.

The appearance of the men has fuelled speculation that some of the migrants are being professionally organized and funded. reports: The migrant caravan regrouped after Mexican authorities refused mass entry via a bridge over the Suchiate River – instead allowing small groups of migrants to enter for asylum processing, while giving 45-day visitor permits to others. That said, many of the migrants found ways to circumvent the Mexican government despite the deployment of hundreds of riot police upon President Trump’s request.

But many became impatient and circumventing the border gate, crossing the river on rafts, by swimming or by wading in full view of the hundreds of Mexican police manning the blockade on the bridge. Some paid locals the equivalent of $1.25 to ferry them across the muddy waters. They were not detained on reaching the Mexican bank.

Sairy Bueso, a 24-year old Honduran mother of two, was another migrant who abandoned the bridge and crossed into Mexico via the river. She clutched her 2-year-old daughter Dayani, who had recently had a heart operation, as she got off a raft.

“The girl suffered greatly because of all the people crowded” on the bridge, Bueso said. “There are risks that we must take for the good of our children.” AP

The Mexican Interior Department reported the receipt of 640 refugee requests by Hondurans at the border.

Federal police monitored the Caravan on Sunday via helicopter, while approximately 500 officers briefly shadowed the group on the highway – however according to AP, officers say taht their instructions were to allow the caravan to continue while maintaining traffic.

Trump isn’t having it

President Trump reiterated his commitment to deploying the US military if the caravan isn’t stopped. At a Friday rally in Scottsdale, Arizona, he said “But as of this moment, I thank Mexico. If that doesn’t work out, we’re calling up the military — not the Guard.”

Trump reiterated his statements to reporters:

On Sunday, Trump tweeted: “Full efforts are being made to stop the onslaught of illegal aliens from crossing our Souther Border. People have to apply for asylum in Mexico first, and if they fail to do that, the U.S. will turn them away. The courts are asking the U.S. to do things that are not doable!”

On Saturday, State Department spokeswoman Heather Hauert said: “The Mexican Government is fully engaged in finding a solution that encourages safe, secure, and orderly migration, adding: “both the United States and Mexico continue to work with Central American governments to address the economic, security, and governance drivers of illegal immigration.”