Another Double-Jabbed Professional Soccer Player Falls Victim To Heart Problems

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Keanu Staude, a professional soccer player at German club 1860 Munich, has developed myocarditis, according to the club.

Professional athletes are supposed to be among the healthiest and most robust people in the world. However a startling number of them have fallen victim to serious cardiac problems in recent times and mainstream media continues to ignore the issue.

Professional soccer player Keanu Staude was diagnosed with myocarditis, which is an inflammation of the heart muscle. Staude, 25, was fully vaccinated.

Staude is a key player for the German professional club TSV 1860 Munich who play in the Bundesliga, the top division in Germany. The 25-year-old complained of feeling unwell after a match on January 30.

The club’s manager Günther Gorenzel had previously boasted in November last year that his team had a 100 percent vaccination rate, meaning that all sixty members – including players and staff – had taken the shot. Gorenzel had coerced the “skeptics” among them. “I can only say that so far nobody has shown me a solution how to get out of the pandemic without vaccination.”

Staude was examined by medical professionals according to club officials who said he had developed inflammation of the heart muscle.

Keanu Staude fell victim to cardiac problems after feeling unwell after a match for Bundesliga club TSV 1860 Munich.

A statement from the club was issued: “In order not to take any further risks, Keanu Staude will not be able to do competitive sports for at least four weeks and will therefore not be available.” But for all intents and purposes, Staude’s soccer career has ended.

Director Gorenzel hinted at that in his statement. “Keanu will not be doing any more training for the time being and will only rejoin the team after approval by our medical team.

Staude is one of the luckier ones as dozens of soccer players who have suffered adverse health complaints in recent times. The 22-year-old Greek professional Alexandros Lampis, who played for Ilioupoli FC, died earlier this month. Lampis collapsed after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest during a match.

His dramatic demise happened just 14 minutes into the game at the First Municipal Stadium of Ilioupoli and the match was abandoned shortly afterward. Ilioupoli FC announced his passing not long after the incident.

The cases of professional athletes suffering sudden cardiac arrests in 2021 and 2022 is being ignored in the mainstream media.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  2. Inflammation of heart muscle, Huh. I read just today there is a correlation of Vitamin D deficiency and the negative impacts of Covid.

    • Vitamin Dead, kill shots ahead: The only correlation worthy of note is to the small hats, the lying lame-stream media, Big Pharma and the Covid hoax.

      • Am with you on 2 of 3 – but why call Covid a hoax. It kills lots of big fat people, diabetic people, and those with other respiratory and heart issues. In this case the people, many of them are real citizens. Don’t even some of these citizens matter to you?

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