Finnish Court Rules Sex With Children Is ‘Permitted’

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Finland's Supreme Court has ruled that sex with children as young as 10 is not 'rape' if you come from a culture where sexual relations between adults and kids is 'normal'.

Finland’s Supreme Court has ruled that sex with children as young as 10 is not ‘rape’ if you come from a culture where sexual relations between adults and kids is ‘normal’.

In a case that has triggered international condemnation, the court rejected a request from the prosecution to appeal a three-year jail term for Muslim asylum seeker, Juusuf Muhamed Abbudin, who violently raped a 10-year-old girl when he arrived in Finland. reports: The man was convicted of aggravated sexual abuse, although the prosecution had sought a harsher sentence on charges of aggravated rape. However, the court left the original verdict unchanged.

The incident took place near the city of Tampere in southern Pirkanmaa region in autumn 2016. The man had sexual intercourse with a girl, who was 10-years old at the time, in the yard of a deserted apartment block. He also exchanged sexually charged messages with her.

Both Pirkanmaa District Court and the Appeal Court in the city of Turku convicted the asylum seeker of aggravated sexual abuse and handed him a three-year prison sentence in 2017. The courts didn’t recognize the incident as rape, saying the girl wasn’t forced into the sexual act or overcome by fear. The judges also ordered the man to pay the child €3,000 ($3,600).

The decision fueled fierce debates across the country. Tuula Tamminen, professor of Child Psychiatry at the University of Tampere, insisted that the child simply couldn’t know what was happening in such a situation.

Back in November 2017, National Coalition Party MP Kari Tolvanen spoke in favor of longer sentences for such offences. “The amendment would introduce harsher sentences for serious sexual offences against children overall. In my view, that is fully justified, for example in light of a child’s vulnerability, even if the act does not meet the threshold for rape,” Tolvanen said.

In March, Finland’s Justice Minister Antti Hakkanen also called for tougher laws for sexual offences committed against minors. “Children should be protected from violence and sexual assault by all available means,” the minister stated. “I asked officials for proposals on toughening the law on sex crimes. I regard these proposals as viable and I intend to advance them.”


  1. its law of the land then as rule of moral compass pointing deep south Law of the jungle is next step regarding sexuality ,and then its pure Satanism by decree from moral authorities who only exist as such entities by the powers vested in them from the Bible Paradox or Hypocrisy?

    • The foreign (((Christian))) God was the reason Europe is in this mess, a country without culture is what you see here.

      • It’s not about culture. This is what happens in a God-less society. It’s humanity that messed up, not God.

      • Do your research we have morals based on the religion. We base our morals on the rights and wrongs of religion because that is what we are taught from a young age by everyone in society, or else we would be okay with rape and the likes..

  2. quote> Finland’s Supreme Court has ruled that sex with children as young as 10 is not ‘rape’ if you come from a culture where sexual relations between adults and kids is ‘normal’.<unquote. And, since the 'supreme court' should set the example, the people of Finland should demand that ALL children, grandchildren and children related to attorneys, judges, prosecutors, clerks and government officials should voluntarily sacrifice their own offspring first.

    • Heathenism is the real spiritual roots of the European man. Muslims and evil Christians like Merkel along with your Jewish friends will no longer be living on the future lands of Europe.

      • Heathenism is nothing spiritual. It was introduced by people who abandon Christianity. Like ancient Rome.

    • Yes, they will. There’ll come Judgement Day, and it can’t come soon enough for these Satan-possessed beings.


    • You are so right Betty. Look where it has started from. Most have come from our Government. Judges are protecting themselves as well as the Government. That is why we are seeing so little done in our Government they are covering for each other, they know if they get caught so will the others.

      • Because us men aren’t worth protecting or caring about, right? And that my friend is one of the biggest reasons I converted to Islam. You want me to rise up and protect what, again? The child taken from me that I had to pay “child” support for? The society that called me “deadbeat” for leaving my abuser? No. Let it burn.

          • If the question is the destruction of fatherhood and Western Culture then indeed Islam is the answer. Anyway, it is inevitable at this point, as no society has ever recovered from the loss of fatherhood.

  4. I am currently 18 years old and I am going to be honest but all the non
    finnish people (Muslims, etc) were the exact reason I’d rather spend my
    days inside playing video games and pc games because I was afraid of the
    ”black” people and not cuz they looked different. It’s because they
    always bullied me and all the other kids. When someone said to me
    ”Finland is the happiest country” it’s bullshit, we actual finnish
    people just don’t want to be bothered, but now our government is letting
    more and more foreigners in even tho they barely can take care of their
    own people. We are pretty much all angry and worried about our
    government, they are currently even letting foreigners inside the
    government. They give free food and clothing, but when we go ask for
    help ”you are not in need of our help, you have income and a house
    already” What if that income is too small to keep us alive? They
    constantly put ads and tell how ”young people have so many chances to
    work” but they won’t accept you almost anywhere unless you’re 18 or you
    have some kind of schooling of some degree example marketing, and what
    if you don’t fucking have it?! Well, no job. I’m seriously starting to
    lose hope on this country…Everything was so much better and easier for
    the society.

    • Same here in the UK.. we have Muslim paedophile gangs in every major city, 1400 kids raped by one gang in Rotherham and the morons on the left try and cover it up or say we should be more tolerant for the sake of diversity. 90% of all stabbings and shootings are committed by the same immigrants.. the West is doomed unless something is done soon.

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  6. They should have tacked his testicles to a tree stump and pushed him over backwards and then put him in prison.

  7. Brought to you by the LGBT Community. It’s officially (and I kid you not, look it up) PLGBT. This was their goal all along.

    • They are the ones that started pushing to lower the age of consent and teaching them to cross-dress and perform illicit sexual acts in schools.

    • the alphabet soup group do sexualise children however this particular story is not about that, it’s about the rape of a 10yr old and the capitulation of the culture to islam.

  8. What this is telling me that as a man you can do anything yo a woman no matter the age. Not when it comes to abusing any woman that does not want you to touch her body. Sex with children is one of the worst sins ever done to any child. You will pay dearly when you meet your maker. Every child is a child of God!!

  9. The sick ideology of Islam needs banning in the West and all paedophile terrorist Muslims deported

  10. When they say if this is accepted by their culture , what culture would that be. Perhaps Sharia law, it’s outrageous

    • yes, this is sharia. which is pushed into “tolerant” cultures millimetre by millimetre. in this case they shoved a full meter in one go. every capitulation to islam no matter how small is viewed as a sign from their horrid deity as encouragement to do more.

  11. now this is where the people should rise up and tear this country down and start again

    this is what the demons in the rat party want to do in our country,USA

    sick and very very evil
    please GOD save these little children from the clutches of this evil satanic country

  12. Who gives a f**k about the “culture” that person comes from?! It’s about what’s right, and the laws and culture that person has come to.
    The inmates are running the asylum.

    • These ‘government’ officials are part of this problem. They are assisting these evil creatures. They know what they’re doing. Immoral people.

    • That IS their ONLY GOAL. ‘islam’ is nothing but a cult of satan-worshippers. Their ‘prophet’ was a pedophile who took his first ‘wife’ when she was 7. Nothing more than an evil PIG. The Globalist NWO has been flooding the world with these creatures. We ‘ordinary’ people are going to HAVE to rid ourselves of this scourge. If we don’t, Western Civilization is doomed.

  13. I wasn’t aware that Finland OR their judicial system had been hijacked by islamists. I was under the impression that this kind of offence is a sort of hobby to them. The only way to stop this happening regularly deport the perverted criminals that commit these crimes. I thought Finland had a lot more sense

  14. This is a result of allowing the foreign culture such as Muslims to enter the EU and settle there. Call me Islamophobic but that is outrages! Child do not understand. That is the reason why needs a guidance of adults.parents and protection of the law. Now along with LGBTQ pedophiles are gaining entry. What’s next? ARE WE GOING TO TOLERATE BEHEADING, STONING JUST BECAUSE IT DOES HAPPEN IN OTHER CULTURE?! It seems that western culture judicial system is unprepared for the Muslims invasion or Finland got judges serving NWO, globalisation not the citizens.

  15. Habakkuk 1:1-4King James Version (KJV)

    1 The burden which Habakkuk the prophet did see.

    2 O Lord, how long shall I cry, and thou wilt not hear! even cry out unto thee of violence, and thou wilt not save!

    3 Why dost thou shew me iniquity, and cause me to behold grievance? for spoiling and violence are before me: and there are that raise up strife and contention.

    4 Therefore the law is slacked, and judgment doth never go forth: for the wicked doth compass about the righteous; therefore wrong judgment proceedeth.

  16. So he paid her money and turned her into a 10 year old prostitute! He may burn in HELL when he dies, but she will live in hell in the present world where it is the parents and grownups responsibility to protect her from such evil!

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