Police: Corey Brooker Was Offered Bribes To Promote Gov’t Employees

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Rep. Corey Brooker hid personal bribes of staff her promoted

Senator Corey Brooker was offered an envelope of $30,000 cash during his tenure as mayor of Newark, in exchange for promoting a high-ranking official. 

According to a law enforcement official, Brooker covered-up several bribes during his time as Mayor.

“It was never reported but it is well known,” the law enforcement source said. “It happened and it happened all the time.”

Truepundit.com reports: Did Booker pocket the cash bribe?

“That’s a question for Booker to answer, but the individual who offered the money was promoted and promoted after that,” the law enforcement source said. “If Booker didn’t take the money, he didn’t report the bribe. We know there was more than one bribe offered and nothing was reported.”

By New Jersey statute, the mayor of any city or municipality is also in charge of its police department. And required by law to report bribes. Booker served as Newark mayor from 2006 through 2013.

“By law Booker should have reported any attempted bribes to the Newark Police or the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office or Trenton (NJ Attorney General’s Office),” one well-placed Essex County source said. “No attempted bribes were reported yet we know he was offered cash.

But you have to realize that money might have come from law enforcement so who would you report it to? And if you pocket the cash you don’t tell anyone. Either way, Booker broke laws and it should have been investigated.”

Booker could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Shocking allegations that for years have been silenced by the Democratic newspapers and liberal journalists in New Jersey who have always had a dilemma telling the truth about Democrats, especially powerful politicians like U.S. Senator Cory Booker.

True Pundit does not share such a dilemma.

Booker’s squeaky-clean national image as a darling of the Democratic party is anything but that when you listen to the stories of well-placed government and law enforcement sources in Essex County where Newark is located. Newark, for decades, has two things it is well known for: Democratic rule. And corruption.

Newark’s police department during Bookers rule, along with portions of the Essex County Prosecutor’s office were engaged in political pay for play schemes and a system of under-the-table political contributions greasing the coffers and campaigns of several Democrats. While Booker was running the city.

Before his appointment to the U.S. Senate to fill the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s seat, Booker was in charge of Newark and corruption was rampant as it was under long-time mayor Sharpe James who served federal prison time for corruption and law enforcement sources said Booker did very little to quash it. And might have lined his pockets.

Just like his lap dogs in the New Jersey media.

This story is developing.


  1. bribes “inducements” sexual favours ,drugs booze,sodomy fellatio, “good times” Its all sunshine lollipops and rainbows everywhere aboard the good ship lollipop of the SS ,Demockracy

  2. Newark has an esteemed history of political corruption going back decades. Your omission of Mayor Gibson, who ran Newark for decades and was the ‘Dean’ of corruption, shows a historical knowledge vacuum. Rhodes Scholar Corey Booker is the ‘squeaky clean’ political version of ‘Mr. Smith Goes To Washington’, but he doesn’t exist. It doesn’t take much ‘scratching at the surface’ to discover just how corrupt Booker is, just like his predecessors.

  3. So Booker accepted bribes in exchange for promotions and Kamala Harris got her start in politics as a mistress. What is new in Democrat circles?

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