UK Gov’t: Hundreds of Thousands of Brits Dying Because of COVID Jabs

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UK gov't admit millions of Brits dying because of toxic Covid jabs

A UK government whistleblower has confirmed that hundreds of thousands of British people have died since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines.

James Wells, a former senior member of the UK Office for National Statistics, joined Nigel Farage on GB News this week to explain how official UK COVID mortality data reveals that over 1,000 people are dropping dead each week due to the experimental mRNA shots.

“These excess deaths have been going on since May, the average is at about 1,000 a week,” Wells told Farage.

“The reason we can’t ignore it, is it’s across all age groups and particularly in the young. We’re seeing 10 to 15 percent excess deaths in the age group between 24 and 59,” he warned, adding that “heart attacks, heart conditions” that are behind these deaths. reports: Wells went on to say that the UK government has been trying to blame the excess deaths on “ambulance delays” and diagnoses going unchecked from missed checkups.

“You can explain maybe a little bit of movement on the dial, but you can’t explain 1,000 a week from that. It’s ridiculous. To be honest, it’s an insult to our intelligence. And there’s no evidence to back it up,” Wells said.

Wells called for “an independent public inquiry” into the excess deaths, saying that he’s “posing the question” that the COVID jabs may be responsible.

“These are young, healthy people that are dying. And at the moment it seems that the government- all they’re doing is scrabbling around and saying, ‘it might be this, it might be that,’” he said.

“If you account for all of this, there is data emerging across the world now which is showing a link between the vaccines, particularly the mRNA vaccines, and heart issues,” he added.

Wells also added he no longer trusts the UK government, citing their quiet withdrawal of the harmful Astra Zeneca vaccine.

Top insurance research analyst Josh Stirling echoed Wells’ concerns last month, noting that all-cause mortality rose in 2022 from 2021 by about 15%.

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