Corey Feldman: LAPD Trying To ‘Frame Me’ To Cover-Up Hollywood Pedophile Scandal

Fact checked
Corey Feldman claims LAPD are trying to set him up in order to silence his Hollywood pedophilia claims

Corey Feldman is being silenced by the LAPD who are trying to frame him for a crime he didn’t commit and stop him publicly naming elite Hollywood pedophiles. 

According to TMZ, police officers received a complaint from an unnamed woman who claims that Corey Feldman grabbed her ass in 2017.

The LAPDs Robbery-Homicide Division division were quick to begin investigating the claim, despite the fact they were so reluctant to investigate Corey’s multiple reports of child abuse in Hollywood.

A representative for Corey says the former child star “vehemently denies these egregious claims.”

Corey Feldman was scheduled to release the 1993 police tapes in which he names members of an elite Hollywood pedophile ring. It seems Hollywood do not want that audio recording to go public.

Last year Feldman expanded his quest to expose Hollywood pedophilia by starting a petition demanding that the White House takes action to protect children from elite pedophile rings. He also launched a fundraising campaign, which raised over $273,151, to produce a film exposing the Hollywood pedophile scandal to the public.