Cosmopolitan Magazine Promotes Satanic Abortion Rituals

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Cosmo mag starts promoting 'satanic abortions'

Far-left fashion magazine Cosmopolitan is facing huge backlash after openly promoting “satanic abortion rituals” in a recent article.

A Cosmopolitan Instagram post boasts that “patients of all faiths are welcome at” a New Mexico Satanic Abortion virtual clinic, sponsored by The Satanic Temple. reports: The article details the experience of a person named “Jessica” who allegedly had an abortion at the facility despite not being a satanist.

The Satanic Temple (TST) named the abortion clinic after Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Jr.’s mom, calling it “Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic.”

The name is a jab at the SCOTUS judge as he ruled in favor of destroying Roe v. Wade abortion protections.

There is no physical building for the “temple” and the group is instead just shipping abortion pills to New Mexico residents after a phone call meeting.

Since TST is defined as “a religion,” patients at the clinic are participating in a religious ritual despite the Cosmopolitan writer and Temple constantly claiming satanism isn’t a real religion and that they don’t worship the devil, also known as satan, the namesake of the entire operation.

It’s also worth noting a “temple” is by definition a building for religious worship.

Cosmo gaslit readers later in the article, writing, “Never mind that Satanists don’t actually worship the devil. There are no ritual sacrifices or quests for supernatural powers at TST. In reality, Satanism is a nontheistic faith in which TST’s roughly 1.5 million global members view Satan more like a mascot, one depicted not as a dark, omniscient deity but as a literary character—a venerable symbol of rebellion, rational inquiry, personal sovereignty, and resistance against tyranny.”

The whole write-up reads like an advertisement for TST, boasting, “Satan symbolizes activism too.”

The article is filled with Satanic artwork and at one point a text graphic moves to turn every “t” in the sentence into an upside-down cross.

How edgy!

Individuals taking part in the “satanic abortion ritual” are provided several tenets to recite throughout the process.

Both TST and Cosmo seem to be tricking women into unknowingly participating in a satanic ceremony by misrepresenting the abortion as “totally not a ritual sacrifice bro.”

This is the kind of filth being shoved in between articles about Taylor Swift and makeup being read by women and young girls around the country.

At least they’re finally admitting abortion is satanic!

Check out some of the backlash from X users below:

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