Could This Be David Cameron’s Infamous Oxford Pig Picture?

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Is this the infamous pig picture featuring David Cameron and a severed pigs head?

Rumours of David Cameron putting his penis into the mouth of a dead pig during a bizarre initiation ritual at Oxford University, are currently all over the press. 

Nobody, as yet, has obtained or verified the alleged picture that former Conservative peer Lord Ashcroft says he has that shows the British Prime Minister in the middle of the act, during an “initial ritual” at the Piers Gaveston secret society.


However, a recent picture has emerged anonymously online, that shows what appears to be a naked David Cameron, standing next to a severed pigs head resting on the lap of a smartly dressed and as yet unknown man.

Standing next to David Cameron is another smartly dressed person, again as yet unknown. Both naked Cameron and the person he is standing next to are wearing bow ties, standard attire for members of Piers Gaveston.

EXCLUSIVE: Is This David Cameron Performing A Bizarre Sex Act On A Pig?

Is this British Prime Minister David Cameron performing a bizarre sex act on a pig at Oxford University's Piers Gaveston secret society?

Let us know what you think by commenting below. Is this the real #PigGate picture or a fake?

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