Croatian Leader Calls for Mainstream Media Outlets To Be ‘Declared Terrorist Organizations’

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Croatian MEP calls for MSM outlets to be designated as terrorist groups

A Croatian official has called for mainstream media outlets to be designated as “terrorist organizations” due to the “fake news and hate they spread.”

MEP Mislav Kolakušić slammed the major media organizations along with European Union bodies in a blistering speech on the floor this week in Strasbourg, France.

Kolakušić shared translated clips from his speech on social media. reports: “In order to return to normal human values, it is necessary that CNN, Reuters, Associated Press, Deutsche Welle and similar media fanatics and media Taliban be declared terrorist organizations,” Kolakušić said.

“During the so-called pandemics and forced wars, they produce enormous amounts of false information and spread hatred among people and nations, resulting in millions of victims throughout Europe and the world.”

Kolakušić warned that mainstream media propaganda is leading the world “into the dark ages of totalitarian systems.”

He went on to condemn the European Commission and fellow members of parliament for destroying Europe’s formerly thriving economy via draconian “lockdowns based on nothing,” fraudulent “green” policies, and onerous restrictions that he says will ensure the rise of China and other nations to global dominance.

“Small and medium-sized enterprises in the E.U. have only one big enemy and that is the E.U. Commission and the majority in this parliament. The fake liberals, the fake left, and worst of all, the fake center, have been making decisions against the European economy for years,” Kolakušić asserted.

He also pointed out that sanctions imposed on Russia have damaged the European economy while “the war has never been more fierce.”

During previous statements delivered in Strasbourg, Kolakušić has warned the public about the dangers posed by the World Economic Forum and their 2030 Agenda.

“It is the largest networked organisation of the world’s conspirators, creating all the agendas we have witnessed in recent decades: wars, pandemics, and policies of the so-called ‘green transition,’ which result in the impoverishment and suffering of billions of people,” Kolakušić said.

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