Czech Republic: Thousands Protest Against New Covid Lockdown For The Unjabbed

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Czech republic protest

Thousands of angry people took to the streets of the Czech capital Prague on Wednesday to protest against new Covid restrictions against unvaccinated

The Czech government introduced the draconian measures in a bid to drive up vaccination rates after a rise in cvid cases.

The lastest restrictions will ban unvaccinated people from public places starting on Monday.

The protests coincided with the anniversary of the 1989 anti-Communist Velvet Revolution.

Czech republic protest

The Mail Online reports: Announcing the restrictions, Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtech warned: ‘We find ourselves in a very serious situation. There’s a real risk that our hospitals will be overwhelmed.’

The Slovakian government is also considering imposing a similar measure which would see unvaccinated people banned from non-essential stores, shopping malls, gyms, pools, hotels and mass public gatherings for at least three weeks after recording 8,342 daily cases.

Similar restrictions are in place in the German state of Bavaria, with the incoming government in Berlin threatening to bar unvaccinated people from going to work and travelling on public transport nationally amid what Chancellor Angela Merkel calls ‘dramatic’ case levels.

The Austrian government has imposed what critics have called ‘medical apartheid’, while Italy is considering following Vienna’s example of locking down the unvaccinated.  


  1. Load of it. As if they don’t want profitable hospitals.Do they expect us to think they in there are charitable? Hardly. And think about this, Monday Wuhan has some epileptic falling down in the street which they say was covid, by Friday whole wide world was infected By magic. Yet here never their magic wand was waved and still 2 years later despite thousands of trucks coming in and out of State willy nilly loaded with goods made in China by the tonnes never any evil Covid plaguettes escaped to jump any bones here. How come? What magic superpowers prevented the evil ones from dumping their cursed spell on us Was it the good witch from the West?.

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