Dating App Does Not Approve Bernie Sanders Spam Campaign

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Fans of U.S. presidential nominee Bernie Sanders have been told by the dating app Tinder to stop sending spam messages to potential dates on behalf of their favorite man.

People are advised to use the app for merely the purposes of dating and not to waste the time of their potential dates by using Bernie Sanders as a app

Refinery29 reports:

Reuters reports that at least two Tinder-happy Bernie fans have been banned for their continued stumping for the senator on the app. Haley Lent, 22, told the news outlet how she handled campaigning on Tinder. “I would ask them [Tinder matches] if they were going to vote in their upcoming primaries. If they said no or were on the fence, I would try to talk to them and persuade them to vote.” Lent, who is married, said she’d messaged between 50 and 100 people to push for Sanders.

To document just how frustrating some Tinder users found receiving a plea to vote instead of a flirty message, the Tumblr Tinder Campaigning features alleged screenshots of conversations between Tinder campaigners and their matches.

But not everyone asked to feel the Bern was angered. Some users messaged back that they were already planning on voting for Sanders. As the Tumblr’s tagline explains, the mixed reactions are all a part of being a “perpetual right-swiper in the efforts of electing Bernie Sanders.” dating app

Either way, if democratic socialism is a dating deal-breaker for you, there’s no need to worry. A spokeswoman for the app told Reuters that the women’s accounts weren’t banned over their political affiliations, but rather the fact they were spamming users. “Feel free to spread the Bern, just don’t spam.”dating app

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