Democrats PANIC After Senate Panel Approves Hunter Biden Probe Subpoenas

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Democrats go into panic mode after Senate panel approves Hunter Biden probe subpoenas

Democrats have entered PANIC mode after a Senate panel announced plans to issue subpoenas related to Hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings on Wednesday.

Senate Republicans approved the subpoenas in their investigation of Hunter Biden’s rampant corruption just one day after Ukrainian officials released the recordings of Joe Biden and former Ukrainian President discussing their quid pro quo agreement on firing the prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden at the time.

Chairman of the Senate Homeland Committee Sen. Ron Johnson joined FOX News on Wednesday to discuss the investigation.

“I’m somewhat suspicious. My interest level has been raised by the high level of their objections. I think they protest a little too much. Apparently we’re hitting a nerve here. Maybe we’re getting close to finding out some important information.”

The Democrats are obviously very nervous about this latest development!


  1. Everyones had a,gutful of the Democrats and their criminal operations that they try to pretend are above the law because they’re covered by the national security act when they’re nothing to do with security except for the corruptions of the greedy Democrats.

  2. Heglian dialect, the foundation politics is based on, two controlled parties proposing extremes of ideas in order to meet in the middle at the initial goal of the elite. An example is abortion, far left womens rights, far right babies rights……meet in the middle, its ok to abort babies under certain circumstances……..once again humans are back to sacrificing their babies to Moloch like the olden days

    • And burning the planet with deliberately lit fires while the investigators pretend they don’t know Burning to death torturously now millions of cows sheep horses kill bears bears antelope deer and so on along with dozens of people all over the gl8be over the last 30 years since they went fire mad .

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