Document Leaker Says He Has Evidence Buffalo Mass Shooting Was an ‘Inside Job’

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Doc leaker says he has evidence buffalo shooting was an inside job

The man who leaked hundreds of classified U.S. military documents says he has evidence that the Buffalo mass shooting was an inside job by the U.S. intelligence agencies.

Jack Teixeira took home classified documents from his job on a military base and then shared these documents on Discord, according to reports.

Most of the leaked documents contained truth bombs about the Russia-Ukraine war that exposed the propaganda being fed to Western audiences by the mainstream media and government officials.

However, according to some Discord users, some of the documents contain evidence that the U.S. government knew in advance about the mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo and deliberately did nothing to stop it. reports: The Post reviewed approximately 300 photos of classified documents.The documents were only intended to be seen by the users in the group, but subsequently leaked onto other online platforms.

In late May, it was reported that a retired federal agent may have known about plans for the mass shooting at the Jefferson Avenue Tops in advance. At the time, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Buffalo declined to comment. The FBI office in Buffalo did not respond to our request.


  1. all these shootings are, including the tennessee school shooting.
    they are staged events, some peopple are really killed,sometimes fake people are “killed”

    • This is the way I handle it. expect it is a lie, until you can see over time and research if it is a lie.
      Take that Tennessee school shooting.
      That blonde lady actress comes out on tic tok video, crying about the tennessee shooting that happened in her neighborhood, and it is so double sad because she just moved from sandy hook where a school shooting happened in her neighborhood. NOw I ask…. What are the odds of that happening?
      Actors and CIA are the same.
      Hollywood actors are CIA, and they have actors that are not famous.
      This lady was probably part of the set up for this event.

  2. Of course Everything’s run by the secret services really. I should say carried out by them They don’t think of anything They’re just agents

  3. There are usually only two variants of which one is played out:

    – LIHOP = Let it happen on purpose
    – MIHOP = Make it happen on purpose

    What do YOU think happened?

    • Old tricks used by the Nazi and Communist regimes throughout history. Just gets rewashed, rehashed and spewed out again.

  4. If this nation was truly one nation under God, that man would not be in prison,
    the people would demand his freedom and make him a national hero.
    Since the reverse is true: America is now one nation under Lucifer.

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