Clown Who Doesn’t Know How To Hold His Shit Together Upon Seeing Snooki Has An Ebola Plan

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Sigh… I’m nominating Kermit The Frog for president and The Swedish Chef should be his running mate because the people leading the world are psychopathic morons, and I genuinely believe a frog and a chef who can’t cook or speak English would run the US better than this stellar group we have now.  ANYway… rest assured, New Jersey….the same man who acts like a spoiled 15 year old girl in high school when he sees Snooki apparently has a plan for Ebola.

This is also the man who took one of the biggest money making cities in America, Atlantic City, and watched casually as it turned into a ghost town that looks more like a bad post-apocalyptic Tom Cruise film than the once thriving east coast Las Vegas it once was – all while he has been in office.

Did I mention this man is the one coming up with the Ebola plan for the entire state of New Jersey?

This is also the man that couldn’t keep a damn highway open and caused pandemonium over a bridge.  Literally.  It’s not just Snooki Chris Christie has fights with.  He also fights with bridges (and probably calzones and pizza if he has his period).

According to an article from (source), “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie created an Ebola virus joint response team Wednesday through executive order to help coordinate the Garden State’s response should there be any cases or suspected cases of the disease at Newark Liberty International Airport. Christie’s order came a day after another potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, designated two Texas hospitals as Ebola treatment centers.

“The public in New Jersey needs to know we are prepared and we’re ready to deal with whatever comes,” Christie said Wednesday, according to WCBS. “We’re constantly reviewing our protocols and our approaches to make sure that we’re doing it in the best possible way that we can.””

“The public in New Jersey needs to know we are prepared and we’re ready to deal with whatever comes”?  Really?  Is he talking about if the pizza delivery boy brings the wrong order, he’ll find a way to deal with it (eat it)?

Rest easy, NJ.  And Vote for Kermit.

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