Dozens of Fully Vaxxed Ed Sheeran Concert Goers Rushed to Hospital With Heart Problems

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Dozens of fully vaxxed Ed Sheeran fans rushed to hospital with heart problems

Dozens of fully jabbed Ed Sheeran fans were rushed to hospital during a concert in Pittsburgh over the weekend with ‘inexplicable’ heart problems, according to reports.

Two people went into cardiac arrest while 17 more were rushed to hospital complaining of severe chest pains.

The singer, who previously advocated for forced vaccinations, took to the stage at the city’s Acrisure Stadium on Saturday, July 8, in front of 51,000 fans – many of whom were vaccinated and boosted against Covid-19.

Things took a dramatic turn when many among the crowd fell ill during the performance. Emergency services were called to more than 37 incidents, and 17 people were taken to hospital, including a stadium worker and a medic. reports:The worker took unwell when they were tearing down the setup inside the stadium. They went into cardiac arrest on the floor.

Thankfully, numerous crews sprung into action, and the patient was treated and taken to Allegheny General Hospital, where their condition is understood to be stable.

A paramedic from an outside agency also went into cardiac arrest on Art Rooney Avenue while leaving the venue. They were tended to immediately by surrounding personnel, and were resuscitated after receiving several shocks.

They were transported to Allegheny General Hospital.

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