Former Australian Prime Minister’s Daughter Linked To Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew

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The daughter of a former Australian Prime Minister has been dragged into the Jeffrey Epstein scandal after video footage emerged.

The daughter of a former Australian leftist Prime Minister has been dragged into the Jeffrey Epstein scandal after video footage showed a woman resembling her, right down to the beauty spot on her left cheek, leaving the convicted pedophile’s New York mansion.

A woman resembling Katherine Keating, daughter of Prime Minister Paul Keating, waved goodbye to Prince Andrew in the video, published this weekend, which shows the Duke of York peering out of the Epstein’s nine-storey home, dubbed the “House of Horrors” by his victims, just after the convicted child sex offender was filmed leaving on December 6, 2010.

At the time, Epstein had recently been released from prison after serving only 13 months as part of a 2008 plea bargain. The 66-year-old was arrested again in July this year on sex trafficking charges but was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on August 20 in an apparent suicide.

There is no proof that Ms Keating, a progressive politician and activist, was aware of or involved in Mr Epstein’s criminal activities. However many people in her home country are now demanding that she co-operate with investigators and share any potentially incriminating evidence she may have about Epstein’s high-profile friends and associates.

Katherine Keating, daughter of Prime Minister Paul Keating, describes herself as "extremely political" and has links to Ghislaine Maxwell.
Katherine Keating, daughter of Prime Minister Paul Keating, describes herself as “extremely political” and has links to Ghislaine Maxwell.
Katherine Keating and Ghislaine Maxwell, from Keating's YouTube interview with Epstein's alleged "child sex procurer."
Katherine Keating and Ghislaine Maxwell, from Keating’s YouTube interview with Epstein’s alleged “child sex procurer.” reports: Ms Keating was an advisor in Bob Carr’s NSW Labor government and ran an international consulting business before moving to New York with her sister Alexandra in 2010.

She is currently the chief sustainability and strategy officer at management firm Maverick, whose client roster includes Paul McCartney, U2, Madonna, Britney Spears, The Weeknd and Nicki Minaj.

She previously worked at youth media and broadcasting company Vice, as a host and producer for the Viceland TV channel and as publisher of its philanthropic and advocacy arm Vice Impact.

“I’m extremely political and it bothers me enormously to see political figures in the 21st century rolling back the clock on so many of these big issues that you think we’re well beyond,” Ms Keating told The Australian in a 2017 interview about her activism.

Ms Keating also hosted a YouTube interview series for The Huffington Post called One On One, which in 2014 featured Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s former girlfriend who is alleged to have helped procure underage “sex slaves”.

In the accompanying article written by Ms Keating for The Huffington Post website, she describes Ms Maxwell as a “passionate deep-sea diver” who “devotes considerable energy to raising awareness and focusing attention on the issues surrounding oceans”.

“Ghislaine Maxwell is a British philanthropist and the founder of the TerraMar Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a global community that will advocate for the world’s oceans and high seas,” Ms Keating wrote.

“Ghislaine believes there is no better or more important place for these issues to come to a head than the United Nations, but what has been lacking is a big movement from the global community.”

Ms Keating did not respond to multiple requests for comment

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  1. The satanic elite give their kids to their friends for abuse, and also abuse them themselves (starting at 18 months) so this really isn’t surprising. The worlds very small at the top, they all link from the black nobility families of Europe, and are generational satanists who practice trauma based mind control……….that’s really what all the pedophilia is about, trauma and evil. Your mind develops amnesia walls to severe traumas to help you survive, hence why all these people have multiple personality disorder, and cant remember much.

  2. Katherine Keating was being fuked by older men when she was still in grade 9 at school..and they were giving her presents…..she also had a girlfriend of sorts who was 27 and was a P.A to a parliamentarian. Her father Paul Keating was the singe most destructive prime minister we have ever had. In his time of being prime minister we had a major recession.. quote paul keating….”the recession we had to have”.. he was a cunt and his daughter is nothing more than a cunt too…. rest assured …where there is smoke there is fire……

  3. Just for the record, Paul Keating was not at all a “leftist” prime minister. He and his predecessor firmly installed the neoliberalism we’re all now suffocating under.

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