Dr. Oz Says Fauci Must Resign For ‘Misleading’ Americans On Covid

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Dr Oz

Dr. Oz is calling for Dr Anthony Fauci to be “held accountable,” suggesting it is time that he resign as Americans have lost “faith and confidence” in him.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the TV personality and medical professional who is now running for US Senate in Pennsylvania, told the New York Post that he would like to see Fauci removed as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Oz said: “Dr. Anthony Fauci has lost the faith and confidence of the American people, It’s time for a new face talking to the American people, one that is more trusted.”

Fox News reports: Oz also stated he believes Fauci “should be held accountable for misleading, whether willfully or unintentionally, the American public and the United States Congress” on matters relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fauci, who heads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, faced immense scrutiny from the American people after he shifted positions and contradicted himself on a number of guidelines, including the usage of face masks and the threat of COVID-19 in America.


  1. Why would t thieving Dr Oz, who stole most of his early material from a text book on food as medicine, not suggest that Fauci should be arrested and charged for fraud? Like Pfizer were and apparently have been again,but the msm Barons have silenced the story under Absolute Secrecy, like the Queen of England took out around the time all the pedophilia leaked out.”nothing that is done in secret comes from God” the Bible instructs us, but as the Head of the Church of England I’m sure she already knows that.

    • This is the guy who tells you to vaccinate your kids, but doesn’t get his kids vaccinated, because at home, he’s Mr. Oz, not Dr. Oz.
      But Pennsylvanians will elect that leftist ogre Fetterman anyway.

      • Thanks, uncommon sense. I didn’t know that about Oz.
        Yes, Pennsylvania loves their lefties in both parties. Alan Spector, comes to mind.

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