EU Migrants To Have ‘Full Voting Rights’ According To Secret Brexit Plan

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EU migrants will retain full voting rights according to secret Brexit plan

EU migrants are to have full voting rights in the UK, according to a secret Brexit draft Withdrawal Agreement.  

Tory MEP Daniel Hannan says the draft agreement between the EU and UK contains a shocking clause allowing EU citizens in England and Northern Ireland to take part in General Elections. reports: According to reports in The Guardian, a leaked WhatsApp message to other MEPs Hannan said: “I just saw an extract of the draft withdrawal agreement. Britain has decided to enfranchise all EU nationals (at least in England and NI – it’s devolved in Scotland and Wales.) What an odd decision: why offer a blanket deal instead of country by country bilaterals?

“For what it’s worth, it will significantly bolster the non-Tory electorate.”

Other Tory MEPs have weighed in as well. The Telegraph are reporting Amjad Bashir as saying:   “I think the party is pressing the self-destruct button.

“We’ve already lost the Commonwealth vote and won’t win any votes from the new arrivals from the EU.”

At the moment EU citizens in the UK can vote in local and EU elections but not in General Elections.

The Government is secretly giving away concessions to the EU, rather than negotiating on a bilateral basis as Hannan suggests. Time to chuck Chequers and negotiate a real Brexit deal for Britain.

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