EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump Boycotts FOX News & We Interview A Trump Supporter

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump has made a promise to his supporters to no longer support or appear on FOX News.  “The Donald” (as he is lovingly known by his supporters) feels he has been treated “very unfairly” by the news network.

YourNewsWire.com recently interviewed Donald Trump supporter and creator of the new online Trump Facebook support group “Daily Dirt For Trump“.

Sara Galliano has worked for Gaffney Law Firm, Catholic Charities and FEMA in many roles as a Legal Assistant, Grant Administrator and IA and Appeals Specialist.  She is based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

We asked her about the FOX boycott, Trump as a candidate, and what she thinks about Hillary Clinton and others.  Her responses are as candid as they come.

Royce Christyn for YourNewsWireOK – So, why are you supporting the boycott?

Sara Galliano: I feel that Trump has been used to gain viewers and ratings, but he has also been discriminated against unfairly. Fox News is known to associate with Muslim countries which Trump has stated he would put in their place.

(*Editor’s note: Sara then provided us with the following infographics that are widely distributed by her group and Trump supporters, though YNW has not yet vetted the statements)

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Sara Galliano: (Referring to the infographics above) This is the reason we supporters are boycotting.  Also, it is obvious that Megyn Kelly, Bill O’Reiley and a couple others try to hurt Trump a lot. Sean Hannity and Greta [Van Susteren] have been fair.  CNN is bordering the same thing right now with [Anderson Cooper] lying [about] him often

Royce Christyn: How many other supporters of Trump do you know are boycotting Fox? 

Sara Galliano: There are a couple million in groups I am part of [that are boycotting FOX].

Royce Christyn: So do you feel most Trump supporters have turned off FOX news in their homes?

Sara Galliano: Not only turn it off but we are turning on other stations even when we are not watching to prove a point. I also think some supporters are weak so they will peek at FOX to see if they are talking about the damage but, overall, people are mad.

Royce Christyn: Now that’s interesting because Trump is running as a Republican, and historically FOX news leans to appeal to the conservative and republicans – do you think this boycott is a sign of a shift away from the network in general?

Sara Galliano: I think [FOX News networks] don’t see Trump as a true candidate and [are] making jokes. The people want Trump no matter what, and if [Trump moves to a] third party, we would switch because he stands for views we want in place. Now, I’m sure at some point they will talk to Trump and agree to treat him fairly. Then he will lift his supporters boycott.

Royce Christyn: Overall, what was your opinion of FOX versus the other news networks before Trump ordered the boycott? Rumors are swirling that the producers and FOX are genuinely nervous because Trump supporters made up a giant portion of their viewers before the boycott. Do you think this boycott is indicative of the sheer power of Trump and his supporters?

Sara Galliano: Trump can ask his supporters to boycott but if we didn’t feel so strongly then it wouldn’t work. No other candidate can make a call like that and have the influence. Trump’s boycott is already pulling numbers from Fox from last time the supporters decided to do it on their own, this time he asked us to follow his lead. Dramatic results will follow

Royce Christyn: What makes Trump different? Why can he make a call like that and have the influence versus other candidates?

Sara Galliano: Because Trump speaks for the people instead of the government. He brings things to the table in a way we would say them if we had that Liberty. He doesn’t shy back when under attack and when he is under attack the silent majority is under attack so we take it personal. We finally have a leader speaking for us and not donors! When he makes that call we know it’s for a good reason. He reminds me of myself. I don’t let people walk on me at home. I wish I had that power in relation to the federal government because Hillary would be in jail [along with] Obama. Trump just says what we can’t [say].

Royce Christyn: Ok let’s get to the fun stuff – who do you think will win the democratic nomination – realistically? Are we looking at – regardless of ample evidence and allegations from conservatives that Clinton should be in jail – a Clinton/Trump card?

Sara Galliano: Unfortunately, I don’t see Hillary going to jail anytime soon, so her. Ugh. I think if they could expose more with the emails found yesterday, then maybe she could lose some momentum of being honest. But, right now her supporters aren’t sure, so they stay in her corner. People know her name.

Royce Christyn: Trump’s support is so much higher than Hillary currently, even though they both lead for their parties. Do you envision any Clinton supporters switching to Trump?

Sara Galliano: Already happened. Today he was hosted by the African American chamber of commerce. My mom was a democrat and my two aunts. Trump made them see things they had not before about government spending. Trump self funding and declining a salary is huge [to them].

Royce Christyn: OK – rapid fire questions: 1.) who do you think will drop out next in the GOP race?

Sara Galliano: Jindal or graham. We are targeting Jindal [to resign from the Presidential race].

Royce Christyn: Who do you think will drop out in the Democratic race? O’Malley will drop next in democrats. But if Hillary keeps getting in trouble, they will throw in Biden to beat Sanders. Sanders is the Trump of the democrats but with no power.

Royce Christyn: What about Bernie Sanders? How do you feel about him? He has passionate rabid supporters but not “Trump money”.

Sara Galliano: He has supporters who want to stay in the democrat party but don’t want a real politician. [The] problem is Sanders doesn’t really believe in anything exactly. He is free everything with no plan to pay debts.

Royce Christyn: Let’s say Trump’s supporters continue to drop FOX news – one of the most watched news network in the US – that could mean potentially millions of views – do you think that other news networks will try to embrace him? Do you think or feel mainstream media is rally all that important in this election?

Sara Galliano: CNN isn’t doing a very good job right now but, if they are smart, yes. Trump could open his own station and make more money just playing stuff about himself.

Royce Christyn: Let’s talk about your wildly successful and growing Facebook group – tell us the name, what it’s about, and why you created it.

Sara Galliano: It’s called the Daily Dish 4 Trump.

Royce Christyn: What is it about and why did you create it?

Sara Galliano: The reason I created it is because most groups keep posting all the positive just on Trump but very little on other candidates. How can one convince a voter in another camp that Trump is a better choice if we are ignorant to the good and bad of other candidates. My group is for the not so silent majority. We express our views, carry out missions to make voters know the wrongs being done and pretty much attack whoever attacks Trump. We will defend our leader just like an army.

Royce Christyn: That’s a very powerful and, I assume, well-received mission statement to  to create a page – and its growing everyday. Let’s say Trump wins – what is your plans after that happens? It seems like you should work for Trump

Sara Galliano: I would love to work for Trump, but I would suggest he reprimand some staff for failing to do their jobs. I have tried to email Cohen and Scavino multiple times and Cohen even responded back. I sent him stuff on Gary Forbes asking if it was legit… No answer. I sent a request for Billy Nungesser to host a rally in [New Orleans], which is a huge deal as we have 9 electoral votes compared to new Hampshire 2 or 3. The campaign headquarters is not managed well at all. No one answers the phone and when they do they know nothing or give bad info. If I have one complaint and its huge TRUMP’s staff fails him with publicity.

Royce Christyn: Why do you feel that?

Sara Galliano: Because his followers/supporters are commenting on his Facebook and twitter but no feedback is given. Carson responds to his people and [that] makes him like able. I’m sure it’s [his] staff’s doing it not him.

Royce Christyn: Ok so, last question – do you think Donald Trump will win? If so, why?

Sara Galliano: He is going to win. The more people [that] try to hurt him, the more his voice is heard and he exposes [more], which increases his support group. Also, I have a theory about the supporters for Cruz. [I think Cruz supporters are] going to be for Trump in the end because it’s obvious that [Cruz] is [Trump’s] selection for VP.

Royce Christyn: What makes you think Cruz will be VP? Do other supporters you know think that?

Sara Galliano: Just about everyone who is voting for Trump believes Cruz will be the VP. If you watch the debates, Trump and Cruz compliment each other instead of hurt each other. Cruz isn’t trying to set up any attacks and keep his supporters engaged but not causing others to attack him. He is staying in the middle. Cruz is gifted in legislation and policy. He has fought but lost on many bills because he didn’t have the support but he has the same values as Trump for the most part. Trump is the mouth piece and can take on the heat. Cruz has the political “know how”.

Royce Christyn: Last question – what are Trump supporters looking forward to most in the coming months?

Sara Galliano: We want to see more policy come out but other than that stay the way he is now…we want to keep seeing passion.

Royce Christyn: Do you think Trump will deliver?

Sara Galliano: Absolutely! Trump doesn’t have a history of saying things he doesn’t follow through with (sic).

Royce Christyn

Royce Christyn

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  1. FOX owned by Rupert Murdoch whose son James hired Brian Deer to destroy the reputation of Andrew Wakefield. I could see how Fox would attempt the same with Trump due to his vaccine statements.

  2. FOX owned by Rupert Murdoch whose son James hired Brian Deer to destroy the reputation of Andrew Wakefield. I could see how Fox would attempt the same with Trump due to his vaccine statements.

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