Facebook and Twitter SUSPEND President Trump After Wednesday’s Protests

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Twitter and Facebook suspend President Trump

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have suspended U.S. President Donald Trump from their platforms shortly after he urged protestors to go home following Wednesday’s protests.

Far-left platform Twitter was the first to declare its decision to ban a sitting U.S. president, saying it has locked POTUS’ account for at least 12 hours.

Twitter cited the “unprecedented and ongoing violent situation in Washington D.C.,” as its justification for removing various Trump posts and subsequently suspending him.

If Trump does not delete the offending tweets, his account will remain suspended indefinitely, the company boasted.

If Trump again violates the policies, his account will be permanently suspended from Twitter.

The action is the most fascist yet from Twitter and it comes after it joined Facebook and YouTube in removing a video post from Trump’s account in which POTUS urged protestors to peacefully go home.

Theguardian.com reports: As his supporters gathered on Wednesday to protest the certification of the 3 November election results, Trump in a tweet accused Vice-president Mike Pence of lacking “the courage to do what should have been done”.

In the video he shared on social media later in the day, Trump urged his supporters to “go home”, but also gave legitimacy to the falsehoods that fueled Wednesday’s attempted insurrection, calling the election “stolen” and telling the angry mob, “we love you”.

Later on Wednesday, Trump again falsely claimed his “election victory” was “unceremoniously” and “viciously” stripped away.

“In line with our civic integrity policy and recent guidance, we have placed a label on the tweet, and have significantly restricted engagement with the tweet due to the risk of violence,” a Twitter spokesman said. “This means this tweet will not be able to be replied to, retweeted, or liked.”

Facebook took a number of measures throughout the day, including the unprecedented decision to remove a post made by the president. “This is an emergency situation and we are taking appropriate emergency measures, including removing President Trump’s video,” said Guy Rosen, Facebook’s vice-president of integrity, in a tweet. “We removed it because on balance we believe it contributes to, rather than diminishes, the risk of ongoing violence.”

Facebook also said it would be removing content that praises the storming of the US capitol, calls to bring weapons to locations across the US, videos and photos from protestors at the Capitol, and any “attempts to restage violence” in the coming days. It has banned the hashtag #StormtheCapitol, which was used to organize Wednesday’s actions and designated it as “dangerous”, a category the platform usually reserves for hate groups and terrorists.

Facebook has also increased rules for content moderation in private Facebook groups, where extremism experts have long warned many such militarized actions are planned. The platform is now increasing the requirement of Group administrators to review and approve posts before they can go up and disabling comments that have a high rate of hate speech.