Mother Jones Declares President Trump ‘a Terrorist Leader’

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Mother Jones journalist declares President Trump a terrorist leader

Left-wing website Mother Jones has formally declared President Donald Trump “a terrorist leader” following the protests in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.

Mother Jones writer David Corn published an article in the wake of the pro-Trump protests, entitled “Donald Trump Is Now a Terrorist Leader,” declaring “This is what Donald Trump has unleashed upon the United States: an unprecedented act of domestic terrorism.”

Corn writes:

Trump owned this terrorism. He has whipped up his cultish followers with lies and conspiracy theories. At a rally on Wednesday morning, Trump told his supporters that the 2020 election was a grave crime and that Republicans and Democrats on the Hill were about to destroy American democracy by accepting the results. (During that event, Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer and chief coup-stirrer, called for “trial by combat.”) Trump directed his frenzied supporters toward the Capitol, where they breached police lines and took over the building. They shut down Congress. They terrorized lawmakers and staff, they fought with security forces, they broke American democracy. [Emphasis added]

By depicting his electoral loss as a theft and profound threat to the nation, Trump signaled to his followers, especially the extremists, that now was a desperate time requiring desperate measures. With such talk, he has become the instigator of one of the most significant terrorist actions in modern American history. [Emphasis added]

It is easy to declare this day a dark one. But what is truly sad is that it is not at all surprising. Trump has always looked to harness hate. He has always relished recklessness. He has always demonstrated that his only devotion is to his own interests. He has always revealed that he holds no allegiance to democratic values. Yet despite all of that, he was fully embraced by the entire GOP and the conservative world. (At the rally preceding the attack on the Capitol, Donald Trump Jr. proclaimed, “It’s Donald Trump’s Republican Party.” And he was right.) This was more than a deal with a devil. It was an abject surrender to a man of malice. To a bully. To a would-be tyrant. To a president who has become a force of terrorism. [Emphasis added]


  1. I must admit I felt there was something a tad odd about the call to rally I’m not so sure anything is what it seems .I have reservations .

  2. All of it prearranged by them And which of Trumps ” loyal ” advisors said to him ,dont hold the rally They will fill ot wirh their agents ,the prisoners Cuomo and others released for purpose Dont be naive ? Which said that to him as experts on machiavellian duplicitous disingenuous and perverse politicals? Name them Tell me one of their names Wh7ch if his his friends in military warned him ? Which of his Police Ministers ? Name one good man amongst them .

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