Klaus Schwab Admits ‘Political Revolution’ Against The ‘Great Reset’ Is Destroying His Agenda

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World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab has admitted the people of the world have rejected his “Great Reset” plan for humanity and have risen up against the establishment.

However, rather than admit that his anti-human agenda, which is based on outdated Marxist principles, is a failure, Schwab is doubling down, and threatening to impose his agenda by force.

According to Schwab, the future of elections must involve decision-making AI because the people have proven themselves unworthy to be trusted to make choices for themselves.

Professor Schwab’s new rhetoric against the right of people to choose their own leaders and politics should come as no surprise.

Bill Gates is planning to use AI to interfere in elections and place World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders in positions of power around the world in 2024 in a desperate attempt at implementing his globalist vision and evading justice for his crimes against humanity.

How do we know what Gates is planning? Because, as usual, he has told us all about his plans in advance. Gates has an uncanny track record of predicting future black swan events, and coincidentally being perfectly placed to profit from them when they happen.

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr says, Gates enjoys nothing more than playing God with the lives of people he considers “lesser humans” and it’s high time we catch him in the act and ensure he faces justice for his slew of crimes. Watch:

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