Fauci Believes That The CDC Should Be Above The Authority Of The Courts

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Dr Anthony Fauci believed that the CDC and scientific ‘experts’ like himself should be above the jusrisdiction of the courts.

Appearing on the soon to be trashed CNN+ Fauci suggested that a federal judge who struck down the mask mandate, should not have the authority to do so. He described the move as “unlawful ”and “disturbing”.

The presidents chief medical adviser said: “The CDC has the capability, through a large number of trained epidemiologists, scientists, to be able to make projections and make recommendations. Far more than a judge with no experience in public health”

Summit News reports: On Monday, U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle ruled that the mask mandate “exceeded the CDC’s statutory authority, improperly invoked the good cause exception to notice and comment rulemaking, and failed to adequately explain its decisions.”

Fauci declared that he “was both surprised and disappointed,” adding that “those types of things really are the purview of the CDC. This is a public health issue.”

“For a court to come in and interfere in that, is really unfortunate. It’s unfortunate because it’s against public health principles,” Fauci claimed. 

“If you look at the rationale for that, it really is not particularly firm, and we are concerned about that, about courts getting involved in things that are unequivocally a public health decision,” Fauci asserted, decreeing that “This is a CDC issue, should not have been a court issue.”

He also claimed it would have been “perfectly logical” for the CDC to continue to extend the mask mandate indefinitely.


And that again highlights why unelected bureaucrats like Fauci shouldn’t be elevated to positions of authority.


  1. “The CDC has the capability, through a large number of trained epidemiologists, scientists, to be able to make projections and make recommendations.”
    About the CDC: my husband was a virologist/immunologist in Public Health for many yrs. One day in early 90’s he had a conversation with one of the 2 scientists who discovered the structure of DNA and won a Nobel for it. He told my husband that President Bill Clinton had fired all the scientists at CDC and had replaced them with Public Relations people. To his knowledge, they are still there today. So much for “qualified” scientists working at CDC.

    • NO he works for big BIZZY just as they are all owned by the LOBBY .SPUTNIK V four billion vaxs given approved worldwide buy subpressed in american by the same looby

    • And the people I know over seas took the sputnit V and have no side effects no real news no freedom of infomation or even freedom of movement

  2. SPUTnik V taken by four billion people worldwide-the first vax approved worldwide BUT total news blackout on it in the USA land of zero free speech and zero freedom of infomation

    • If you’re talking about the covid vax, it wasn’t approved for general use it has only been approved for EMERGENCY use, meaning it is still experimental status. Forcing it on people is crimes against humanity.

      • SPUTnik V DUDE the russian vax -the WORLD`s approved vax which FOUR BILLION PEOPLE TOOK WORLDWIDE and which no one died from you live american brainwash.The SPUTINK V is still being taken WORLDWIDE

      • it is the MOST TAKEN VAX ever given and it`s from RUSSIA and approved for worldwide use first just as russia also invented the rabit VAX over 200 years ago.FOUR BILLION shots given and no recorded bad side effects and it`s WORLDWIDE way before the american clotty shots.NO one was ever forced to take any shot other than americain`s trying to keep thier jobs.Many russians also did not vaxs either SPUTNIK V approved worldwide way way before america and still being given DUDE!

      • SPUTNIK V IS THE COVID VAX APPROVED WORLDWIDE FIRST BY RUSSIA and over for billion people have taken it.The america lobby big bizzy is subpression it and all freedom of infomations as the rich EAT the poor now and again

  3. SEEMs like russia is trying more the save the world than the UsA but the UsA puppet goverment is too buzzy pushing dope in the getto and pushing Z dictator`s SS neo new arms race in the new nam DMZ pre-staged war games for weapon sell-SS for the ONE

  4. OBVIOUSLY if they re above the law then they can’t be held accountable for crimes against humanity That’s his concern He’s getting all the evidence they have that is incriminating destroyed right now.

    • DOCTOR`s in american are allways right DEAD RIGHT! as if you let them they will do whatever it takes to get home to the kids/wife/dog and muti-million dollar house and golf goof off games at the club house even if you are a right off DOA

  5. The Pharmaceutical Industry is now exempt from prosecution for bad reactions to its experimental (and VERY profitable) vaccines. Now they want to be above the Courts. NOBODY should be above the law!

    • They should let in other countrys vaxs they have a monploy on med vaxs as the SPUTNIK V is in four billion people worldwide approved first before anyone including the marican clotty M-RNA and there are no seen side effects in the SPUTNIK V in any part of the world taking it

  6. WHO has more capability and is less currupted than the CDC or EPA or houseing.But they all can do good when forced to by the public like a high school full of toxics and a rotted out deck on a low income projects or a trucking industry full of dead heading long haulers turning the roadways into a death trap by big bizzyneSS forced to.The public can do something SOMETIMES but most of the time you have to force them to do anything good

  7. SPUTnik V& SPUTnik light are the first worldwide approved coronavirus vaxs first approved aug11 2020.NEUTRALISING ANTIBODYs.No VACCINE INDUCED IMMUNE THROMBOTIC THROMBOCYTOPENIA ake clotting.Rated at 91.6% efficacy by the lancet medical journal.Pure POLITIcS lobby and bad intentions seen in the blocking&blacking out of russia`s vax for covid.As well over four billion people have taken the SputNik V worldwide without ANY CLOTTING at all

  8. As soon as they kicked out WHO it was all over and biden said he would remove F&Z but he never will as they are part of the lobbyist whom own america

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