FBI Begins Purging All Conservative Employees: “This Is an Anti-Trump Organization”

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FBI has begun purging conservative employees from bureau

The FBI has begun purging conservative employees and punishing whistleblowers, according to Congressman Jim Jordan.

At least 14 FBI whistleblowers have told Rep. Jordan that the bureau is actively seeking to turn the FBI into an anti-Trump agency under Christopher Wray’s leadership.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Rep. Jordan received new information about retaliation against at least one whistleblower and a ‘purge’ of conservative employees.

Jim Jordan said security clearances of conservative employees are being revoked as punishment.

Fox News reported:

The FBI is allegedly engaging in a “purge” of employees with conservative viewpoints and retaliating against whistleblowers who have made protected disclosures to Congress by revoking security clearances, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jim Jordan told Fox News Digital.

Jordan, in a letter exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital, and written to FBI executive assistant director of the Human Resources branch Jennifer Moore, the congressman says he has received information of retaliation against FBI employees who have confidentially reported alleged misconduct to Congress.

“During the course of this investigation, we have received protected whistleblower disclosures that the FBI is engaging in a ‘purge’ of employees with conservative views by revoking their security clearances and indefinitely suspending these employees,” Jordan wrote, noting that “many of the formal notices” for those personnel actions had been signed by Moore.

Jordan also wrote that he has information suggesting Moore has “retaliated against at least one whistleblower who has made protected disclosures to Congress.”

That whistleblower, Jordan told Fox News Digital, shared information with the committee notifying them about the Justice Department’s efforts last fall to set up a threat tag label against parents to identify threats at school board meetings against faculty and to then “prosecute them when appropriate.”